Flowers from Brugges, Belgium

Spring hadn’t set in yet in that first week of April. The trees had a grey tone of bare winter branches. The city was wrapped in colorless, monotonous atmosphere, the facades were brighter and that gave a happy ambiance.

Not just the facades, there were these little window boxes overflowing with colorful flowers. Most shops had them. The purple flowers with yellow in the centre looked attractive and I managed to get a macro shot of these flowers. Harsh sun can spoil the colors in photographs; such rich colors actually stand out well in a grey dull day.

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15 Responses

  1. Gattina says:

    and summer hasn't moved in neither ! It's cold and rainy 15° today!

  2. ashok says:

    the yellow in the purple is a beauty!

  3. Vetrimagal says:

    Beauty, My favorite colors!

  4. Onkar says:

    The flowers look so beautiful.

  5. I was just going through an album of photographs exclusively from this Heritage Town and immediately thereafter I was confronted by this post.Was happy to see the vibrant colors. Good capture.

  6. arabesque says:

    love the contrast between the two photos.

  7. Sylvia K says:

    Ah, gray like in Seattle! Well, it's not gray this week, we're actually enjoying sunshine and blue skies! Love the colorful flowers! Hope you've had a great weekend, Indrani!


  8. NixBlog says:

    Lovely shots, Indrani. We have the same polyanthus flowers blooming in our garden now, but it's winter here!

  9. George says:

    You definitely made the best of a gray day. The photo of the flowers is wonderful with those vibrant colors.

  10. Spring is the perfect time to travel and fall in my opinion because the weather is not too severe.

  11. ladyfi says:

    Wonderfully vivid colours!

  12. These are gorgeous.

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