Flamenco Dance Show, Seville, Spain

Watching a Flamenco Dance was in the top of our must do list in Seville. There was this theater La Casa Del Flamenco close to the hotel we were staying which had the Flamenco Dance shows in the evening.


We were already late for the first show in the evening and the second show which was to start at 8.30 too had all the tickets sold out. The organizers told us to return at 8 to check the status of tickets because often there are cancellations.

Finally after a good stroll around the square of Seville and awesome dinner, keeping our fingers crossed we reached the dance hall. The lady at the counter beamed up saying there were 2 cancellations, they agreed to put up 2 more chairs and accommodate us. We were so thrilled. I must say here that during this Spain trip of ours we were lucky at several places, managing to check in at the right time.

The tickets were 18 euros each for the four of us. An expensive affair, but worth every moment spent there!

The Theater La Casa Del Flamenco

As I entered inside the theater I realized why they find it difficult to add chairs. The halls are small with seating arrangement for hardly 50approx. There are just 4 rows of chairs around the stage; visibility of the performers is therefore good. Front row seats are definitely the best but then you have to arrive early. They also have an online booking system. The organizers advised us not to take photographs during the dance and that there would be a special session for photography. All these pics are taken at the end of the session, when they put up small dance just for pics.

The Flamenco Dance Performance

And what a dance it was!

Highly choreographed, excellent beats, steps, swirls, I got goose bumps listening to the singer and watching both the dancers. All the 3 parts of the dance: guitar playing, song and dance were presented excellently! They changed their dresses thrice and for the second dance the lady dancer had put on a lovely long red dress. A pity I couldn’t take her photo then. Their body movements and facial expressions seem to convey different messages. Couldn’t believe any human being could move their hands and feet so fast, but there they were! One hour of enthralling show put up by a male and a female dancer, a female vocalist and a guitarist. We are so glad we went!

The Indian Connection

Gypsies from the south of Spain, according to one of the many existing theories on the origin of Flamenco, have created Flamenco music since their arrival at Andalusia in 15th century from the north of India. Foot-tapping dancing and music evocative of abundant grief and exuberant joy omnipresent in Spain today traces its origin to Rajasthan’s sandy deserts and parts of northwest India, particularly Punjab.

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