Fishermen at Karaikal, Tamil Nadu

Fishing is a major industry in the coastal areas of India. From livelihood perspective, trading in fish, both fresh and dry seems to be the most profitable one. The richer among them have good big boats, while the poorer ones usually set sail in smaller ones. This is one activity which requires a low or nil investment but assures rich returns. It offers good livelihood for the poor people of coastal areas.

Fishermen at Karaikal

Many families have this trade to earn their daily bread. Any natural calamity or strikes organised by political parties can seriously effect their earnings, it can even mean going to bed hungry.

Some Fishermen at Karaikal










Men are out in the sea at night, by dawn they are back with their catches. Then the race begins… the catch is sorted out, frozen with blocks of ice which will melt fast if it is a hot day, packed and then delivered to the hotels and retailers in the local area.Any delay, the fish rots and that could mean only loss.

The shots were taken during my recent visit to Karaikal beach… Fisherman’s activities in a small scale in a small village of Tamil Nadu, India.

So, What happens when the fish aren’t sold? Read here.

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