Fisherman at Sunderbans

I have here some pictures of a fisherman in Sunder bans, casting his net for his daily living. I was in a bigger streamer and from the deck I got a good view of his activities. If you see the whole process of casting the net, I am sure you would be tempted to do the same. The way he held to the main string of the net in his right hand and flung the netโ€™s edge with his left hand, making it spread and fall on water looked easy to do activity. Well, it must be complicated for sure and only practice can make it perfect.

I saw him cast his net about 4 times but nothing was caught. He then walked ahead along the bank and cast his net again. After a couple of tries he could capture only one huge crab. I felt so disappointed for him. Observe the last pic and you will be able to spot the crab.

Just in case you are motivated to learn ‘how to cast a fishing nete’, here is a link that will help you: How to throw a cast net

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