Fauna at Sirmione Peninsula

It was nesting time for the birds in Italy when we were there in April 2010. Sometime back I blogged on a nesting seagull. In this post I share with you pictures of a nesting White Billed American Coot. This beautiful Coot had built her nest on a floating wooden plank in the moat of the Rocca Scalgera Castel, at Sirmione Peninsula. She was sitting still, warming her eggs totally unmindful of the tourists showering attention on it. She knew she was safe at that distance, and her nest full of eggs safe from all mammalian predators.

There were other ducks too swimming and feeding on the carp there.

And one was really bad mannered.

Camera Critters
Castlegrande, Bellinzona
Sirmione Peninsula, Lake Garda

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