Faces of India – 99

A not so happy picture, I know… nevertheless this too is true like all my other pictures. It was taken from a distance. Taken in the busy streets of Bangalore where people were zooming past him in expensive cars. He slogs on like this day after day.

Faces of India, a series through which I intend to portray the various characters of my country. See more here.

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22 Responses

  1. Sylvia K says:

    These are the faces that hurt. I'm glad you show them as well because they too are a part of India and the culture.

  2. Cloudia says:

    Bless the working people

    Awesome shot.

    ALOHA from Honolulu
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  3. Hilary says:

    It's a tough existence. You've captured this well.

  4. its really sad to see guys carry loads like this, even in these days… but they have become such a part of the scene that most of us hardly notice them any more…

  5. Sad that humans still carry such heavy loads like beasts of burden.

  6. Poor chap, give him a motor!

  7. Jeevan says:

    A true hard working man!

  8. His face says it all…eyes closed and with determination…he trudges on.
    Cool portrait

  9. This is the other face of the nation. A true … real face.

  10. Al says:

    A powerful photo, and one that makes me realize how lucky I am.

  11. Anu says:

    Not an easy life for him!

  12. What a strong man. What a picture.

  13. Arti says:

    So many people work so hard for a living, yet you never hear them crib about it. Hats off.

  14. Ebie says:

    He seems not to mind the heavy load. Very expressive!

  15. ajeethboaz says:

    Hats off for his efforts… Good shot..

  16. One may not like to face such faces but they are there. Beautifully captured.

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