Faces of India – 163

Can you guess what she is doing? I took the picture in Mayapur ISKON’s goshala, which houses more than 200 cows, bulls and calves. 

She is collecting cow dung; she walks across pushing her spade collecting the dung. This job is done manually. (Cow dung is used as purifying, antiseptic agent; stops gas disorders; pesticide and fertilizer. Dried dung is used like charcoal; it is also a form of energy producing methane gas.) 

I saw her at her job content and happy, that left me wondering if I could do the same. The little precious lessons I learn while meeting such different types of people as I travel!

Faces of India, a series through which I intend to portray the various
characters of my country whom I met during my travels. See more here

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23 Responses to “Faces of India – 163

  • And I learn lessons from your posts as well, Indrani!! I do admire and appreciate all the people you have portrayed in this blog! Thank you!

  • She has a beautiful smile Indrani, a wonderful photo and a very informative post. My father-in-law tells me stories of his childhood, which I always find a joy to hear. He told me that to keep his family home warm in the harsh winters of North Dakota, they used to stack cow manure completely around the outside walls several feet high. When it grew warm again that same manure was spread his mother's garden. I would like to tell him about your post as I know he will find this very interesting.

  • What a wonderful smile! 🙂 Doing whatever work is perhaps important! Glad to see her stop and pose and smile! 😀

  • Her smile is beautiful. I love the fabrics. The colours and patterns are very pretty.

  • Nice click. Glow of toil on her face.

  • Hehe I did guess that right 😀 at my farm there are little cottages made of dung, the walls covered ie. It took me quite some time to accept that fact lol

  • I'm not sure I could 'enjoy' that job, either. But I must say that this woman has a look of peaceful serenity about her.

  • I only wish she wears a shoe while doing this work.

  • Beautiful, happy, content and together. She is the one.

  • How wonderful that she can do this job yet still look so pretty.

  • There's just so much we don't know about people everywhere. Thank you for this little glimpse at this lovely lady and her work.

  • This reminds me my grandmother who used to collect bull dung when they were in milk business. There’s nothing to feel shame about it, it’s another job. Cow dung is a best fertilizer for plants and I see it as a natural source. Nice portrait!

  • Beautiful photo 🙂 Yes, travelling and photography gives us precious lessons and experiences of life.

  • Your pics always true colours of India . Keep it up

  • A serene happiness is reflecting on her face

  • I wish in India people handling cow dung wear gloves and foot wear. That is more hygeneic. No dispute on utility of cow dung.

  • Your post has proved a saying that have always believed in and tell my friends when they complain about their jobs being boring, crappy, shitty… I simply ask them to think for a moment about the person who has a job to clean cow dung or sewers.. We surely cant have it worse than them.. Loved it…

  • Happy and content with her job? I am left speechless.. she resembles my maid so much 🙂 Such women are the ones who are the actual woman heroes !

  • She is doing her duty happy and content so we see the cleanliness there. What a lady. Thanks for sharing. My respect to her and your benevolent effort to bring these people in front. Kudos!!

  • Very good initiative..keep up the great work..:)

  • I love this series Indrani, very inspiring.

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