Faces of India – 135

A group of school boys on educational tour at Rock Garden of Chandigarh, eager to be photographed, eager to talk. A lively bunch! (The three boys to your left in the picture are young Sikh boys.)

Faces of India, a series through which I intend to portray the various
characters of my country whom I met during my travels. See more here.

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37 Responses

  1. Sylvia K says:

    Ah, I do love those young, happy faces!! Beautiful capture as always, Indrani!! I look forward to this every week!! Thanks for sharing! Have a beautiful day!!

  2. Haddock says:

    A good one.
    The young ones are always free and open.

  3. DeniseinVA says:

    A lovely photo Indrani!

  4. Giancarlo says:

    Un felice fine settimana a Te…ciao

  5. Renuka says:

    🙂 That's so true – the joy of clicking enhances with such faces.

  6. Joop Zand says:

    Very good photo with nice light and good colors.

    Greetings, Joop

  7. They are so handsome.

  8. Jo says:

    What happy body language those boys portray, Indrani. I just love your faces of India! Greetings, Jo

  9. Icy BC says:

    They look handsome and happy!

  10. George says:

    This looks like a happy, eager group of boys.

  11. Fabulous to see the enthusiasm in their faces.

  12. Gattina says:

    I just wondered why they had these big knots on their heads. Very cheerful picture !

  13. Oh I miss my School Days… 🙂
    These Guys are indeed looking Lively.. 😀

  14. Our photos says:

    Beautiful photo!
    Have a nice sunday! RW & SK

  15. Pallavi says:

    Such excited little fellas 🙂 nothing compares to the feeling of being a kid. Nice capture Indrani.

  16. Lovely shot of the boys.

  17. Carver says:

    Great portrait of the students.

  18. lovely click n cheerful faces..

  19. They look very handsome in their uniforms!

  20. Those boys should have enjoyed their trip! 😀

  21. Cheerful faces !!!!Remembering my schooldays

  22. This IS such a lovely PHOTO. They sure would be a boisterous bunch. I see a bright future for our country as well. !!

    Great job !!

  23. The Five Find-Outers 🙂

  24. dark and light contrast was used very nicely along with turbans.

  25. As always,your skills finely displayed.

  26. Quite a candid shot…. (Y)

  27. my school days ! 😀

  28. Shy,excited and happy faces. The last boy even says hello 🙂

  29. magiceye says:

    Lovely expressions captured!

  30. Lovely potrait..they really do look like bunch of talkative boys.

  31. Lovely snap Indrani ! Loved the expressions on their faces.

  32. jahid says:

    Lovely click !!

  33. Beautiful shot! How original they are!

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