Faces of India – 110

A lady police from Chandigarh, Punjab. The shot was taken from a moving vehicle and she definitely is not aware that she was shot at with a Canon! But I must admit that, it is officers like her who instill confidence in minds of lady solo travelers and also the general public.

I salute you Ma’am!

Faces of India, a series through which I intend to portray the various characters of my country whom I met during my travels. See more here.

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29 Responses

  1. Sylvia K says:

    Oh, yes! And I salute her as well!! What a strong, wonderful looking woman and a great capture, Indrani!! I do so enjoy this series of yours! Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely weekend!!

  2. Hilary says:

    Oh I have to agree. Wonderful, thoughtful pose you've captured.

  3. Cloudia says:

    Yes! Thanks to the lady police officers! (and you for this series)

    ALOHA from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3
    > < } } ( ° >
    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >
    ><}}(°> ~

  4. Dear Indrani,

    which is again a magnificent picture. I like your way of portraying people. Thank you …

    Hugs and greetings from Switzerland


  5. Nice candid shot and she is beautiful 🙂

  6. Shaivi says:

    if this has indeed been shot from a moving vehicle without her knowledge, u'v indeed got a superb click!

  7. Jinksy says:

    Another superb character study from your clever camera-inspired mind! 🙂

  8. Smita says:

    Today only I was reading about the 1st security officer in our office and then I saw this. Seriously ur words are very apt!!!

  9. Dina says:

    It came out a wonderful portrait!
    I hope she gets to see it.

  10. She is fabulous…great capture!!
    love your portraits.

  11. I'm glad to see there are female police in India! Is it as scary for women to travel in India as the North American media makes it sound?

  12. Carver says:

    That's a great portrait and amazing you caught it from a moving vehicle.

  13. TexWisGirl says:

    wonderful portrait.

  14. ladyfi says:

    That's a beautiful face!

  15. Jo says:

    What a candid shot, Indrani.

  16. wow! great subject, and fantastic shot. i love how her fingers are placed – like a dancer and yet her face is strong like the rocks. love everything abt her.

  17. Reader Wil says:

    She is very beautiful!

  18. I agree, I salute her too!

  19. Another face of evolving women.They now prove their mettle in the fields they choose to serve.

  20. Shwets says:

    Beautiful candid shot 🙂

  21. Arti says:

    Bulls eye, Indrani 🙂 Officers like her do a brilliant job indeed, salute to all the great women of the world.

  22. Jiggyasa says:

    First Kudos to you for clicking such a fine picture on a moving vehicle, and second conveying such a fine message beautifully. loved it 🙂

  23. S. Anupam says:

    Perfect click with so beautiful message!

  24. Very nice picture, its always great to see lady officers and other ladies doing well in their professional lives because in India girls are discouraged if they want to study and make a big name for themselves. The paradox in Indian is that here we worship goddesses and on the other hand mistreat girls and by not allowing them freedom to get educated properly.

  25. Nice take at the right moment, reminds me of Shantala's image

  26. Respect for people in the uniform is always high but when you see a lady in uniform you feel a completely different sense of pride, its as if the achievement is your own.

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