Faces of India – 330, from Bangalore, Karnataka

Faces of India

a series through which I intend to portray the various characters of my country whom I met during my travels. I bring back souvenirs, frozen moments from my travels, why not some memories of people I have met and interacted during the travels. Faces of India is a weekly series in my blog since MARCH 2011. See more here

facees of India bangalore

Meet a flower seller from Bangalore.

I spotted him cycling away with his huge basket of lovely flowers. The load of flowers caught my attention and that it was being transported in a cycle made me curious. I was driving and this was quite early in the morning with almost nil traffic on the road. Admiring the flowers I crossed him and would have driven away but I decided to take his picture. After driving some distance I allowed him to overtake me. I kept clicking as he crossed but failed to get good shots. So I started following him at slow speed all the while clicking with my left hand. He turned back to see I was not only following him but clicking pics too. He stopped then and there and glared at me almost questioningly. I was quite embarrassed.

But I didn’t drive away; I too stopped and requested him for a picture.

He was surprised: Were you following me for a picture? he asked and nodded his head left and right. I am sure he thought I was one crazy woman stalking him for just a picture. The flowers were meant to be sold at a temple, he said. He cycles all the way from Malur which is 47kms from Bangalore. And he has been doing that for last 10 years!!! I was speechless.

What are you going to do with my picture? he asked.

That brought me to senses and I said – I will put it up in computer if you don’t mind.

He was like – hmmmm. I am sure that meant ‘mad woman’.

I knew there was no point lingering on after this, I managed to mutter a word of thanks and drove on.

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