Faces of India – 328, from Kudayathoor, Kerala

Faces of India

a series through which I intend to portray the various characters of my country whom I met during my travels. I bring back souvenirs, frozen moments from my travels, why not some memories of people I have met and interacted during the travels. Faces of India is a weekly series in my blog since MARCH 2011. See more here

Faces of India Kudayathoor

My quest for the famous 1 metre tea of Kerala ended at a small roadside tea stall in Kudayathoor village of Idukki district. Meet the tea vendor today. I introduced his wife in the last post.

If you are wondering what is this 1 metre tea let me explain – Tea is never served piping hot in the roadside stalls of Kerala. They always cool it down a bit so that it is ready to be sipped. They take 2 glasses, one empty and the other filled with hot freshly made tea. Then the vendor keeps pouring it from one glass to another. If you observe carefully the glass is taken almost one metre up while pouring to the empty glass. Then he lowers the top glass and keeps pouring tea to it from the other glass which he keeps taking it up till the tea gets over. This process is repeated just 5 or 6 times. By then the tea would be sufficiently warm enough to sip. They are experts at pouring with both hands with great accuracy, without spilling a single drop outside.

Watch this 7seconds video below.

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