Faces of India – 291

Faces of India

a series through which I intend to portray the various characters of my country whom I met during my travels. I bring back memories of places I visit and things I see and also the souvenirs. So why not the conversations and memories of people I meet! I started this series in March 2011. See more here


He is the village headman of a village in Jaisalmer. Village headmen are powerful and most respected person in their villages. He hosted us in his house, which was one of the unique dining destination set by Suryagarh Resort, with high tea. When it comes to hospitality Rajasthan people are unbeatable. This headman gave us company through out our stay in his little abode with a kind of supervising look. I wasn’t able to decide his moustache was more impressive or his kind supervision. May be both!

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36 Responses

  1. Amit Misra says:

    Hey, this looks similar to one oil painting that I made!

    See here:

  2. pospi says:

    well, its good to give a shout-out to people that showed you care as a stranger

  3. Gosh! how much time he’d spend every day to trim his long, winding mushy

  4. When it comes to hospitality, Rajasthani people are unbeatable. Said right Indrani Ji. Myself too being a Rajasthani, would like to become the host for yourself and your family some day in my life.

  5. Yogi Saraswat says:

    Both mustache and eyes are strong !!

  6. magiceye says:

    Must be spending a lot of time taking care of his moustache!

  7. Jeevan says:

    Interesting portrait and good to know u enjoyed the village stay.

  8. Currently he is also thinking of exchanging his currency notes.

  9. 1 min silence for the high-maintenance cost of his moustache! :-p

  10. Sana says:

    It must be so hard maintaining his mustache. But I’ve heard Jaisalmer has rich historical backgroundn x

  11. Maniparna Sengupta Majumder says:

    It’s the moustaches that made the face! Remarkable…

  12. The moustache is the highlight, I wish to get one like this too 😉

  13. U K says:

    You nailed it once again Indrani.. :)beautifully captured.

  14. Nice picture and remarkable moustache

  15. His mustache looks incredibly unique! Amazingly captured!

  16. Carola says:

    Impressive that he is the the village headman! Must have been a great experience to be hosted in his house. It’s great that he gave you company and he had a supervision look!

  17. I’m pretty impressed with the mustache 🙂 been really enjoying following your faces of India

  18. I love this picture! Impressive mustache. I always wanted to go to India and do this kind of photography and meet locals 🙂 Thank you

  19. I like this idea for a series! He does have a splendid moustache. I wonder what he was looking at!

  20. blair villanueva says:

    His moustache is like a sort of an asset! Impressive that there are still men who are very kin with their moustache.

  21. Oh, those eyes! Great capture, Indrani!

  22. ashok says:

    strong face…wonderfully captured!

  23. Imaobong says:

    Lol aww
    His moustache is definitely my favorite thing in photograph — God bless his kind heart! 🙂

  24. Filipa says:

    His moustache is definitely impressing! I love to hear when people are nice to each other 🙂

  25. verushka says:

    I love this new series. We meet amazing people when we travel and this is a great way to capture them to share with the world. His moustache is soooo long

  26. lex says:

    i love beards and mustache and i keep a little of it but this is huge. holy holy, i would have aches keeping this much….

  27. Ree love30 says:

    I love how you capture people in your photos for this blog series , you have such an eye of revealing people’s personalities through an image. What a great man! Ree love30

  28. A person of unforgettable kind for sure! What a moustache!
    TC! Keep smiling 🙂

  29. Nya says:

    This is such a personal and inspiring series. Loved how you add the personal description / event next to the photo.

  30. Liana says:

    Wow, his looks is unforgettable. The mustache tho! It’s incredible how people are so generous, and I really like this series of yours!

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