Faces of India- 286 Rajasthani Moustache

Faces of India

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Rajasthani Moustache



The forever charming and handsome men of Rajasthan! I, as a photographer, feel drawn to the men of Rajasthan for their moustaches! I just can’t stop admiring the stylish way they maintain their moustaches. During our recent tour of Jaisalmer, we halted at a restaurant Manvar where this man greeted us at the entrance. For few split seconds I was stunned by his moustache.

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Should I ask or not ask… my mind debated. Finally I gathered courage and asked if he would pose for my camera. “Just wait, I am coming” he said and went to his seat. My curious eyes followed him and to my surprise I saw him combing his moustache, setting it right! And then he came back and posed proudly. He was really patient enough to give several poses.

I asked him for how long he has been having these mustaches… for a long time now, he said.

How much time do you spend on your moustache… one hour in the morning every day, he said.

Do you oil them and colour them?…  yes, yes I do.

I was really grateful to him for speaking and posing so willingly.






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37 Responses to “Faces of India- 286 Rajasthani Moustache

  • Having this kind of mustache is a dream for many Indians and the man who has the mustache is considered to have more guts… Nice post to reveal one of the greatest Indian Symbol (“Mustache”)…..

  • Yogi Saraswat
    1 year ago

    I just can’t stop admiring the stylish way they maintain their mustaches. Me too very impress with his thick mustaches.

  • What a cool moustache 🙂

  • Nice moustache !

  • Ha Ha
    I also have few photos of him. 🙂 I was impressed by the way he maintains them. 🙂

  • What an incredible look, this guy really put some effort into this amazing profile and coordinated outfits – bravo!

  • That is honestly the coolest mustache I’ve ever seen, and your photo captures the man so well. Interesting that in different cultures things so small as a mustache are so insanely differenet!

  • Wow they are works of art. How fascinating. The photos really show off this mans face.

  • He must be spending a good time daily to maintain his mush not getting it unkempt

  • Wow, pretty impressive mustache. Good thing you found the courage to ask him and he agreed 🙂 Quite unusual and exceptional!

  • The care he took for his moustache is really amazing. He got a unique one and look stun

  • What an unusual looking moustache. He’s obviously very proud of it.

  • I agree – The entire state of Rajasthan is filled with grandeur and charm – a kind of ethnic and elegant aura to it – did you feel that? I agree those mustaches are so royal!

  • I have seen them a lot in pictures all over the web and they are indeed their ‘shaan’. 😛

  • Miss Jose
    1 year ago

    Wow…!!! Amazing captures..This gentleman looks so good with the moustache! So well groomed! Also, nice to see you doing this series..i am loving it:)

  • How interesting. It is definitely a unique way of wearing a moustache but I think when it is so special people like to be pictured and show people about their special style 🙂

  • That mustache is everything! Wow…what a sight.

  • Hehe this is adorable! Great that you’ve got the courage to ask so we can all admire the photo now. No wonder he was patient with you, the man spends 1 hour every morning to take care of the moustache after all!

  • He has a very impressive moustache. I have never seen that sort of style before. You were very brave to ask to take his picture. I have done a project where I asked 100 people with interesting hair colour to take their photo so I know how difficult asking can be.

  • You have nicely captured the mustachioed face. Great.

  • Muchhe ho toh aisa ho warna na ho !!!!!!

  • Faces of India sounds like a great series! His mustache is so unique, I can’t believe he polishes the ends. How cool.

  • I can understand what you’re drawn to! I’m obsessed with this man’s mustache art!

  • Wow, this is the best moustache I’ve ever seen! I love that you wrote a profile with the pics too. I can’t believe its makes him 1 hour every day to groom it – that’s longer than my beauty routine! In Australia & the UK & other parts of the world, there’s an initiative called “Movember” to raise money for men’s cancer, perhaps you could get in touch with them, I’m sure they’d love your photo!

  • I wish I could get the courage to ask people for photos, I’m always just too shy. Good for you! He looks quite proud of his work.

  • How amazing!!! I have never seen a moustache such as this before. It looks like a work of art! I always get a bit nervous asking to photograph someone…not sure why!

  • In the Indian culture a mans character is judged by his mustache but slowly as trends have changed it is quite rare to see ones like these unless you visit very intricate regions to soak up culture. loved the post

  • One of the things I love most about traveling in India is the people. I love photographing them. I would have loved to met this guy. What a mustache!

  • Great photography and such an awesome project.
    He must have been investing a lot of time on his mustache.

  • blair villanueva
    1 year ago

    I find it very interesting men and their mustache and the effort and time they spend with it… its pretty cool, but if my man have a mustache, I would tell him to shave it off (hahahaha i’m bad).

  • The guy in the first photo has a stylish mustache indeed. Even the color is ombre! The mustache and beard are well maintained, hell it’s even better looking than my own hair hahaha…

  • Recently, we have new department composed of Indian employees. I was hesitant at first because it was my first time working with an Indian employee, and it was awesome because he works nice and accurate. I wonder how he looks and if we’ll get along sometime. It’s hard to work with people countries away. But internet is powerful! very nice pics!

  • Fabulous portrait! I can’t believe that it takes him an hour to do it every day, but it is very impressive.

  • His mustache is really impressive and you can see from the pose that he is very proud of it. Spending one hour each morning just to pamper your mustache is really something! 🙂

  • I love it that you speak to people during your travels and wrote about it. I think it’s an interesting story and I love the mustache. It’s very impressive. One hour every morning is quite some time. But the result is great!

  • Of course you had to ask for this pic! I did not know that Rajastan men were famous for their moustaches, thanks for sharing this little chapter of your trip

  • What a great idea to do this photo collection of Faces of India. That mustache has really caught my attention, you can tell how proud that man wears it. I like bearded men if a beard is that well cared for !

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