Faces of India – 265

Faces of India,

a series through which I intend to portray the various characters of my country whom I met during my travels. See more here


Met this pujari in Kankalitala Temple, Bolpur, West Bengal. The usual story… he guided us offering our contributions and prayers at the temple.

He objected to taking picture of idol of the goddess worshiped there but didn’t mind posing for my camera. He casually mentioned the security at the temple isn’t good, I guess he was trying to highlight the problem. Later I was told a major burglary took place in the temple in 2010.

In Bolpur nothing is safe… not even Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s medal that he got while being honored with Nobel Prize! What a shame!

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24 Responses

  1. Ami says:

    A shame indeed. Wish people would respect heritage and history – we have some of the most valuable pieces and that is what makes India unique

  2. That’s really sad. Interesting capture btw. 🙂

  3. nima says:


  4. Kalpana says:

    Love his shakespearean haircut 🙂

  5. Mridula says:

    What happened to the Medal Indrani?

    • Indrani Ghose says:

      The medal got stolen from RT’s house in Bolpur (near Shantiniketan) which is converted into a museum. It hasn’t been traced till date.

  6. if i could know about ur visit then i would surely invite you to my home.
    btw,though Bolpur is very close to my hometown but i have never visited this place.

    • Indrani Ghose says:

      Next time I will let you know in advance. 🙂 btw you must visit the beautiful place. I dream to visit the paush mela there some day.
      Thank you for the comment Jyotirmoy.

  7. That’s so sad 🙁
    A nice portrait.

  8. Jyothi D'mello says:

    Looks like a humble man. Nice capture Indrani.

  9. Beautiful pics Indrani.

  10. Wonderful. The faces says a lot of things of one can read it.

  11. Humble posture.
    yes, it is really shame that we could not secure the Nobel medal. What a shame!

  12. Yogi Saraswat says:

    O ! yes I heard about this medal of Gurudev Rabindra Nath . This Pujari is looking to be ready for pose !!

  13. Kala Ravi says:

    A real shame! It can happen only in India 🙁

  14. divsi says:

    Such honesty in this eyes. Great shot!

  15. Happy to meet another typical Indian

  16. vatsala mallya says:

    Poor man with humble looks .
    Great capture .

  17. Hilary says:

    I know it’s about faces and his is surely eye-catching but I’m fascinated with his hands.

  18. Gattina says:

    A well captured portrait ! He must have hard worked in his life when I look at his hands !

  19. ladyfi says:

    Lovely face! Nice shot.

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