Faces of India – 261

Faces of India,

a series through which I intend to portray the various characters of my country whom I met during my travels. See more here

faces of india 261

You may have seen a cowherd or a shepherd or may be a camel herder too but I bet you would have never seen a deerherd (oops is there a word like that at all?) Seeing the woman the only way I could describe was with this word ‘deerherd’ or ‘deer herder’. She was looking after a group (3 to 4) of deer grazing in the lawns of ashram. I was amazed at her work! The deer would wander off the limits of the lawn so the rope around its neck I was told. This was not a posed pic but an actual scene.

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21 Responses

  1. Very strange and funny sight. Seeing a ‘deerherd’ for the first time.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Sylvia Kirkwood says:

    A marvelous capture as always, Indrani! I hope your week is going well!! Enjoy!!

  3. magiceye says:

    Good picture but sad for the deer though

  4. This is something really new to me and I am at present speechless… Deer = cow = goat:)

  5. Gunilla says:

    Nope, never seen a deer herder before.

  6. Hmm. very interesting pet to have

  7. Gowthama says:

    Never have heard such thing. Which place is it?

  8. Heh heh! So cool and cute! And, look at the blooming happiness on the lady’s face! Worth a million dollars, indeed! 👍👍

  9. Shrikant says:

    Deer herder…wait what? 😮 what did I just saw!! Out of tge way click!!👍

  10. Jyothi D'mello says:

    Many Ashrams keep Deers, Peacocks and Rabbits in their garden but I have never seen a Deer managed with a rope around its neck.

  11. Dukhi Deer…

    Nice shot and yah first time seeing a deer in this condition.

  12. Priyanka says:

    Looks like she is keenly observing what you’re doing though. Nice click, reminds me of my Grand-aunt’s calf, they tie her up the same way 🙂

  13. vishal says:

    Nice Capture 🙂

  14. Al says:

    Very unusual. We have deer around here but they’re all wild, and I can’t imagine somebody trying to herd them.

  15. It’s quite a funny sight! Kudos to you for capturing it 🙂

  16. awesome..i really enjoy this series in your blog 🙂

  17. dNambiar says:

    Now, that’s one of a kind of a job, and picture too. 🙂

  18. Asha says:

    Never heard of anybody tending to deer !

  19. Jeevan says:

    Although it doesn’t sound fair, but interesting to see a deerherd!

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