Facade of Florence Duomo

Sixteen days in Italy and I feel blessed to have been able to visit twenty two churches (big and small) there. The memories that I have brought back from there is immensely sweet and my photographs transport me back virtually to the same place, same date and time every time I see them.

At Florence too I visited a couple of them and the most impressive façade I got to see was here, at the Florence Duomo. The first stone facade of Florence Duomo was laid in Sept 1296. Over the years the façade has undergone modifications and renovations, the last one was done in 1863. The façade was reclad with a decorative mix of green, white and pink marble. The intricate patterns and designs with the different colors command attention. Sharing with you a few of the shots here.

It is said that Italian builders exhibited little concern for the facades of their churches, and dozens remain unfinished to this day. One reason for this may be that the facades were not conceived as integral parts of the structures, but rather as screens that could be added to the fabric at any time.

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Interiors of Florence Duomo

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