Facade Details of Begunia Temples, West bengal

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The two horses of temples 1 and 2 in the Begunia Temple complex, Asansol. It looked as if for centuries the two horses have been exchanging notes about what is happening there.

Remember this face from Barakar, he was flying paper planes. I saw some of the boys had climbed up the temple to fly their planes. No adult around them stopped them from what they were doing. They seemed so innocent rather ignorant of the harm they can cause to themselves, and they seemed totally unaware of the importance of the heritage site in their vicinity.

The worn out Shikhara of temple no. 4., my 200mm zoom lens helped me see the details. You can click to enlarge the pics and see more.

Unique kalasha (pot) on the temple top of temple no. 1.

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