Everyday Battle With Stray Cattle

This post is based on one of the major challenges you face when you travel on Bangalore roads. It is the battle with stray cattle let loose on roads.

Battle With Stray Cattle

Have you been late to office? If yes, did you feel like blaming a cow for it or goats or may be ducks? Bangalore roads are famous for one way roads, specially devised plans to avoid traffic chaos, but not much has been done on cattle front. One still faces the challenges posed by the dumb bovines at peak hours of traffic. To get across them, without harming them is a challenge!

Battle With Stray Cattle

Encounter in Yercaud

Sometime back during one of my trips to Yercaud, our vehicle was surrounded by a group of langurs, one of them even climbed on the bonnet and refused to budge. We halted, vehicles behind us too halted… now, do we enjoy the challenge posed by this guy? I would have enjoyed watching this guy’s tantrums and challenges, but with constant honking of cars behind us, I decided to entice the guy with a bunch of bananas. It was shown to him first and thrown to the edge of the road. Whew! Soon he was out of sight.

What does one do when one is confronted with whole new concept of dining in the middle of the road? Kids have their way, you know! When they want lunch, they want lunch and mama has to oblige! They were right in the middle of the road and I saw the mama goat dragging its two kids hooked to her udders to the side of the road. It was an amazing sight and it dawned quite late on me to take a pic. Can you take the challenge of disturbing them? I relished the sight of the kids relishing their lunch.

See one more sight here. Well, these are the daily challenges one has to face while commuting through Bangalore roads, such incidents are not too frequent but when they happen they are memorable. I relish these little challenges on roads, of maneuvering, slowing and avoiding these divine bovines. Do you?

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