Euphorbia From Chartres, France

The name Euphorbia is considered by many in South Africa as synonymous with poison.This is a very unique kind of plant. When we think of plant kingdom we associate green color with leaves, never with flowers.

Green flowers are rare, but green flowers do exist. Some time back I had shared a green rose with you, see it here. Some flowers when tended in right conditions get a green tinge in their petals.

Today I have Euphorbia for you which are green in color.I found these flowers completely drenched in the garden of Chartres cathedral. The lengthy curved branches have tiny flowers. The leaves are pointed and small rounded flowers within them. Since the flowers are so tiny, it gives the impression they are green. Just one word of caution, when you try to break them, it produces a milky white substance which can irritate sensitive skin.

Caution with Euphorbia

Those who are planting Euphorbia plants in their garden have to be careful especially while pruning or replanting them. If the white milky substance squirts to your eye it can have disastrous effect. Some beautiful things of life are best admired from far!


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