Esztergom Basilica, Hungary

The bright blue cupola of Esztergom basilica is visible from far. This gigantic structure kind of dominates the whole city of Esztergom. All other buildings around seemed dwarfed and we didn’t find it tempting to visit any other site after seeing this one church. The church is 118 meters high, with twenty two huge Corinthian Columns. The cathedral has a very simple facade. There are statues in niches at the main entrance and a dazzling green door.

Standing at the base of one of these columns, I craned my neck to look up at the ceiling, the sheer size of it left my mouth wide open. It was built on the remnants of a 12th century St. Adalbert’s cathedral that was destroyed by the Turks. It took 45 years from 1822 to complete the construction of this mammoth monument. The cathedral closes at 5pm, so we missed going up to the dome. We missed the fantastic views of the city from up there.

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Visit to Esztergom Cathedral, Hungary

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