Esplanade – A Restaurant Review

I am so glad a new restaurant “Esplanade” has opened up in my neighborhood which serves authentic Bengali cuisine!Bengal cuisine has originated in eastern part of Indian subcontinent. Bengal cuisine is the only traditionally developed multi course cuisine that is analogous in structure to French cuisine. People who have migrated from Bengal and have settled in other parts of India and world crave for this authentic cuisine and I believe many Bengalis will go miles in search of eateries offering this, if they can smell one!

Ambiance: comfortable,
Service: timely, polite
Vegetarian Specialty: Bati chorchori (my choice)
Non-vegetarian specialty: Rohu in mustard sauce (my choice)
Wallet factor: Rs.700 for two
Location:1st Floor, Building No. 1135, HAL 2nd Stage, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, 560038
Landmark: Near Foodworld

As soon as we were seated comfortably, we were presented with menu card and life seemed heavenly as my eyes rolled up and down the items. I chose the non-veg option which is known as amish in Bengali language. There was an equally tempting veg ‘niraamish’ option. As I settled down I noticed the owner of the place had put up framed b&w pics of old Kolkata. Hmm… perfect ambiance and setting! We were then served with cool aam panna, a welcome drink, so perfect for summers!

Soon we were served with items; one kept following the other until I felt I was surrounded by an army of bowls. After the starters which were mainly frys ‘bhajas’ I attacked the veg servings. The mixed veg curry ‘bati chorchori’ needs a special mention; juciliscious chunks of vegetable sautéed perfectly with the right ingredients. Though Bengalis are strictly non-vegetarians, a couple of veg dishes are compulsory part of the cuisine. Lentils ‘dal’ was again of the right consistency. Now my favorite: rohu fish in mustard sauce, I was glad I still had space in my tummy to fill. For non-veg course the combination can be fish and chicken curry or fish and mutton. People with good appetite go for both. I loved both fish and mutton yet I preferred the fish preparation more.

That done, there was  sweet ‘mishti‘ chutney made of raw mango, signaling the grand finale of the meal. In Bengali cuisine, the sweet dish course is of two parts; the first one is sour-sweet, usually made from raw mangoes, pineapples or tomatoes. The final dessert is sweet. We were served with mishti doi and maal pua.


Presentation was done in earthenware. In my opinion the owner can replace earthenware with may be terracotta dishes. Earthenware dishes are not fired to point of vitrification therefore they are slightly porous and tend to absorb water. If food items are left for longer duration in earthenware bowls, the gravy feel of the food item disappears, rather gets soaked. But for this factor it was one of the most enjoyable satiating experiences I had in the recent times.

For the names of the Bengali dishes in italics check this Bengali Food Lexicon.

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  • In addition to the sites I visit and such places.
    Food looks very interesting and appetizing.
    I send greetings.

  • well, bengali food has many takers in delhi so maybe they can open up an outlet in ths city too…right now there's only one option for bengali fine dining in delhi – oh! calcutta 🙂

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  • I'm a vegetarian, and by the sound of it, it is right up my street, delicious, yum yum.

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    the benefits of living in a big town ! all sorts of cuisines find their way to you ! 😀

  • The food looks delicious!

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  • Indrani, great review. The food look absolutely delicious. Nice to see the vegetarian dishes. And I like the cute earthenware. Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  • The food looks delicious & lips smacking.

  • Its good for you can go there atleast once a week. I love Misti Doi and Malpua.

  • I love the Bengali delicacies at 6 Ballygunge Place. Now, I will definitely try Esplanade. Rui macher jhol is my favorite too.

  • Absolutely beautiful and delicious presentation of food!! Yummily inviting 🙂

  • … reminds me of the Ratatouille movie! Nothing compares to the feeling you have when you get familiar dishes at a different geographic location! If you are planning to try out other eateries: here's one I heard opened in Jan this year – AHAAR Restaurant, GF 100, #6/3-1, 1 st cross, MSRE road, Mathikere, Near Ramaiah College

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  • I remember going to Esplanade in Koramangala about 3 yrs back. It was just as good. Maybe it prisons for me to eat Luccis for the first time