Elephants of Jaipur

We were really lucky to witness this!

At Amber Fort, Jaipur we witnessed the shooting of a Brazilian soap opera showcasing Indian culture. Caminoho das Indias meaning ‘A Passage to India’ is about a love story between a dalit boy and an upper caste girl. I am not sure whether I saw the main actors or not, there were so many of them all dressed in Indian traditional dresses. The Brazilian actors were dancing to the beats of Indian music; it looked like a ‘celebration scene’.

What fascinated me more were the 30+ elephants; all dressed and colored going round in circles and making other formations! I had never seen so many colorful elephants together before, my childlike wonder surfaced and I stood there immobile. There were absolutely no protecting barricades, what if one runs amuck?

I was clicking away ferociously, in case one decides to.

The soap opera is making headlines for different reasons though. Read about it here.

Camera Critters
Jantar Mantar, Jaipur
Warli Paintings, for Sale from Maharashtra

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  • What fantastic photos! Wow! And to enlarge them to really see the details makes them even better! Very interesting article, too. This is just a terrific post! Thank you so much!

  • Aw, I love elephants!! These guys look very well trained! I have never seen elephants with body paint before so this was a new one for me! Fabulous post!

  • That looks quite an interesting dance. 😉

  • Here even elephants but real and what are they biggggg…… LOL
    What a coincidence that you get at the good moment at the good place:)
    What a wonderful drawings on their skin……….BEAUTIFUL 😉
    The last picture, the elephant has eye pencil around his eyes! 🙁
    Thanks for sharing it was like a movie for me .. (@^.^@)

  • They are so beautiful. What a spectacular sight.

  • Wow.. that’s just marvelous! I think elephants are beautiful – preferably without paint but they must be awfully patient creatures to allow the artist to paint them this way. Great post.

  • I remembered elephants from the circus. And the zoo. But yours are beautifully decorated. I’ve never seen them this way before.

  • I love the crayon drawings on the elephant, what beautiful colours!

  • These are so creatively decorated.
    And yes, seeing them live, in large numbers,in discipline must have been a great experience…
    You were indeed lucky to witness it!

  • I don’t know about my ‘stunning’ picture – that makes these of yours something else.
    I don’t imagine this film bears much resemblance with E.M.Forster’s novel but it will certainly produce a colourful film.
    I hope the elephants enjoyed the fuss and attention.
    I am definitely going to make changes at my site – I will let you know what.

  • I dont think there are more beautiful and elaborate elephants than in India…happy weekend.

  • lovely pics…. they look so much more colour ful…

    i remember i went to amer… but at that time we had the roll wala camera…

    and the pics were so awful…

    lovely pictures… !!

  • the photo’s are marvellous, but I see the elephants rather lose, free in the nature. I know that these paintings are made with honour to the animals, I hope I don’t hurt you to say so, so please forgive me, It must be, because off my character. I’m a nature person, a Shaman. That’s my way of living. But, I can imagine that this must be truly wonderful to see. Again, the pictures are so beautiful taken. With great honour to you, best wishes from Jeany

  • That was a truly wonderful post! The elephants looked so majestic and so many all together. That must surely be a rare sight.
    Different Health & Safety rules there!

  • wow! superb clicks all!!! you sure must have had a fun time!

  • I guess if anyone could handle a bhangra beat it would be the Brazilians, na? But I’m a little surprised they came to Rajasthan rather than Goa since they’d have a connection to Goa (Brazil and Goa both being settled by the Portugese).

    Glad they opted for Jaipur though so you could bring us these great photos! Looks like quite a party!

  • The elephants are beautiful, and I’m amazed at their patience not only to parade, but to be painted beforehand – that can’t be done quickly! Great link too, never hurts to be reminded to be respectful!!

  • Hi Indrani! «Caminho das Índias»; that’s amazing, and you just caught them in action… 😉
    The elephants are so well painted. I saw some of them like that, but here it’s a full show!!
    Have a great weekend!

  • Interesting to read about the Brazilian soap featuring indian stuff! I hope all these elephants were born in captivity and trained by kind mahouts. The methods used to train elephants captured from the wild are heartbreaking, so I see the beauty of the elephants with a little uneasiness … your photos are beautiful.

  • I would have been clicking to fill my memory card there too! What a feast for the eyes. I´m just thinking about the logistics of that display. The eating and droppings, not to mention the painting. There must be a lot of work.

  • Great captures. Where can we see such colourful elephants ? Only in Rajsthan and Karnatak.

  • lovely pics…btw in the second pic from the bottom, the elephant looks like it’s weeping

  • You always seem to be at the right
    place at the right time..!!!

    The beauty parlour lady has done a
    wonderful job on the elephants.

    Saw the ingredients for grooming a
    luxurious hair lying in the floor
    (ref your recomendations in Aug 2nd blog :)))

  • You were very blessesed to see such pagentry and beauty Sandy

  • Loved the face painting and the “costumes.” I rode on an elephanat in India and in Thailand. Quite an experience…not the smoothest gait but interestng!

  • Great photos! So colorful! Thank you!

  • Beautiful photos. Amazing how the animals are painted and dressed in such finery.

  • Don’t you just love to stumble upon something truly spectular and unexpected? Great photos.

  • What an absolutely fantastic post! THIS post is what Camera-Critters is all about!

  • wow! great post so fabulous and amazing. Visit my Canadian geese here and thanks.

  • These elephants are simply marvellous. And more remarkable is a Brazilian story being shot here.

    A Brazilian journalist’s writeup on this appeared in Deccan Herald recently.

  • wow, so pretty with their faces painted.

    Happy Critturday!
    Tink *~*~*
    Just hangin’ around at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • What a colorful event!

  • Oh, they are so beautiful…I am glad you were able to see this.

    I am going to attach a link in an edit to my post with an elephant.

  • I think your photos and your link to the added info about the show are wonderful but I think using the elephants this way is absolutely criminal and the people making this soap opera have a lot to learn about respecting animals as well as other cultures

  • Fantastic and beautiful elephants. I’m so glad you had your camera with you.

  • Fantastic!

    I love all of Your photos. They are so great. Wonderful blog.

  • That is completely awesome! The detail on those elephants is…well I’m speechless..and that’s not usual for me. What a photographic treasure!

  • I’ve never seen so many elephants decorated so elegantly. Thanks for an interesting and colorful post.

  • Beatifully painted… I just hope they were treated properly.

  • How does one pull oneself away from such a wonderful, colorful event? Great, great pics too!
    I love to ride on an elephant – so big and gentle.

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