Durga Pujo, the Most Awaited Festival of Bengalees

For the last one month I had been closely following the artists here in Bangalore making idols of Goddess Durga. Right from kneading the clay, molding to various shapes and features; it has been a long colorful journey. The artists will leave for Kolkata soon to attend the festival there.Durga Pujo

Festival of Durga Pujo

Hindus believe the Goddess Durga descends from Heaven to rid Earth of a notorious demon Mahisasur. The festival of Durga Pujo goes on for six days. The other aspects of life come to a standstill, particularly for Bengalees. This festival is about new clothes, dance, drama, fun, socializing, and majorly about food. Bangalore has more than thirty pandals, (place where the idol is kept and worshiped). I intend to tour many of them, and am quite thrilled and excited planning all of it.

Happy Pujo to all!



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