Drives in Germany

Europe has excellent rail facility, yet we chose to travel by road. The road ways of all the six countries we drove through are in excellent condition with clear road signs. The roads are dotted with plenty of gas stations, McDonald’s and bathroom facilities. The four lane roads reminded me of my drives between Bangalore – Hyderabad and Bangalore – Chennai.

Driving around in Italy last year with the help of GPS had boosted our confidence. Unknown routes no longer scared us and we visited the interiors of towns without getting lost. We had taken our favorite music CDs along and with an Indian atmosphere inside the car we experienced the mesmerizing sights of different countries. The car was our home for the next 23 days.

Germany has many scenic routes and some of the networks of roads are themed. We traveled through some parts of the castle route and romantic route. Sharing here, the shots taken during the drive from Frankfurt to Cologne and back. These shots were taken near around the same spot. It seemed like mountain driving, sharp and steep curves with scenic sights on either side.

Mainz Cathedral
Cologne Cathedral Interiors

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  • I love long drives, they are therapeutic. This is such a great drive it seems and the scenery is worth the gas price 🙂 How are the price of petrol in Europe btw?

  • Fantastic routes. Pleasure to drive.

  • These are beautiful shots from the road. My daughter and I took a train from southern Germany to France but when I was in my teens, my parents rented a car and we experienced Europe from the road. I think both ways have advantages. Your trip looks like so much fun.

  • It makes me think, what about going to somewhere I haven't seen before. Thanks Indrani for your photos.

  • I dream of driving on the autoban.

    Aloha from Honolulu

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  • I look at these and feel the joy of summer. And the security of the GPS!

  • Your post brought back memories of the trips we made while living in Germany — years before there were GPS, however! But the highways were terrific even then! Marvelous captures as always, Indrani! Have a great weekend!


  • These roads remind me of our tangenziale around Turin.

  • Wow! wonderful travel by car. Looks terrific! How nice to enjoy in good weather too.

  • wow, 23 days-that is amazing! what an experience this trip must be for you and your family. beautiful roads and sceneries make the journey more exciting.

  • Your shots are fantastic!! I got to see some of the scenic places around Europe. And yes gps helps a lot!! Happy weekend!

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  • Driving around Europe for almost a month–wow.

    What a neat-looking road… and those fiels of yellow make great accents.

  • It sure looks like a great road system, and the scenery certainly helps! Good for you!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  • Nice shot of this German 'autobahn' in the colorful landscape. It's a pity you didn't visit the Netherlands, but I hope you had a good trip through Europe.

  • A-ah…the famous (or infamous) Autobahn….a different site in Germany. Hope you enjoyed your trip!

  • i love road trips…!!!
    what a great way to trvael in guessing u had a wonderful time!!!!

  • Hi Indrani! Sorry for the absence, but the season has been too busy here in Lisbon…

    The side roads are much more interesting… 😉

    Blogtrotter Two is gone to Corsica… Enjoy and have a superb weekend!!

  • Thanks for sharing the Germany photos, I would love the visit that country, home of my ancestors.

  • I love to drive. Great road travel. Take care. Thanks for sharing. Drive on.

  • Beautiful pictures

  • hi indrani, totally agree with you, Germany is a nice place, went there on a tour and rode on a bus, no doubt about the scenic views,
    oh! i do wish i could try my driving skills there with a map and gps and hopefully, don't get lost…^-^
    as always, i can't wait to see more of your fotos.
    happy traveling.^0^

  • GPS has certainly made life much easier. The roads are excellent, too though fighting city traffic at rush hour is definitely to be avoided.

    Of course, I would NOT drive in parts of India, no matte what!

  • I've always heard that the German highways are fantastic. Thanks for sharing these views with us.

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