Drive by Shots, Salzburg

Sharing with you all today a couple of drive by photographs taken around Salzburg.

The drive around Salzburg had been most pleasant; the beautiful country side tempted me often to halt. These are the locales where the movie ‘Sound of Music’ was shot. You too will definitely want to stop at these places just to run around, feel the wind and yes, to take lot of pictures too. Unfortunately, most often we were in a hurry to reach the next destination. With just two days for Salzburg in our itinerary; it wasn’t possible to make many halts.

As we drove on at more than 160km/hr, the chapels on the sides of the road vanished as fast as they appeared on my view finder. The onion shaped domes of the chapels interested me the most. The sun kept playing ‘hide and seek’ behind the clouds. I like the shot above more because of the shadow of the dome on the roof of the chapel.

The picture above is the view through the window of my hotel room. I remember leaning out of this window many times to grab the views around.

Mirabell Garden, Salzburg
Marionette Museum, Salzburg

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