Do You Have a Dream House in Your Dreams?

Do you have a dream house? Or are you living in one of yours? As a child I had answered such questions with ease. Needs were less, dreams were innocent and the dream house a small cute one! As I grew up, in this mad rush of life dream house took a back seat. A thought lingered on to acquire a house, just a house! ‘Dream’ had vanished. Bangalore city was developing like a concrete jungle. All around it was just tall high rise buildings. Choices got restricted to floors, how high does one want to reside… and I chose third floor.

With hectic schedules of life, I had forgotten about dreams and dream houses. Today as I was going through the pictures of Arras, France, I chanced on this photo. The beautiful red bricked house with gray clouds in background and green patch in foreground… it was captured as we drove by. It resembled so much like I had seen in my dreams. This can be a possibility only if I choose to stay away from city!

Dream House
Dark Clouds
Faces of India - 86

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