Doors of Silver

Doors made of silver! Doors for the Lord Himself!

I took these shots at Bhagamandala Temple in Coorg around 220 km from Bangalore. This huge temple complex has shrines dedicated to various Gods. The idols are housed inside these small shrines and each of these shrines has doors made of silver or are silver plated.

Luckily we were on time that day, the Puja hadn’t started and the doors were shut. Till the auspicious moment the doors of the shrines are kept shut. There was stillness all around and as the auspicious moment drew closer, the priests started ringing the bells. I took a few shots knowing fully well once the doors are flung open I will be pushed around in the crowd. The crowd around the door had slowly begun to swell.

And precisely at that most auspicious moment, the decibel level was at the peak. The doors flung open, the Pujaris(priests) were chanting mantras, and doing the aarati. People kept craning their necks to get that auspicious first glimpse of the Lord. I knew it was futile to focus my lens then. I too folded my hands, bent my head to seek His blessings!

Inspired by The Doors Archive by David McMahon.
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