Door of The Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp

The doorway to the Cathedral of Our Lady is sight to behold! The details on the arched portion depict so many stories. Literacy, definitely, wasn’t high those days and people were educated through these depictions I am sure. The lessons of right and wrong, and the rewards and punishments of right doings and wrong doings are very clearly shown.

Jesus seated at the top. Those in the right side of the panel are right doers, chosen for eternal life; they have a calm serene look in their face. And to the left are those condemned to tenure in hell, depicted with looks of fear and despair clear on their face. Gabriel, holds the scales of justice. He is shown swaying the sword mercilessly. A study of this panel  by any child, those days, will definitely set the moral values right.

The arches that went over this panel had various characters; the first one had angels, the second one carved with wise men holding scrolls, then political figures and finally religious authorities. By now my neck was aching, one can easily spend hours gazing at the details. From a distance the whole scene was like a page from a book.

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