Door Details of Chartres Cathedral, France

The doors of cathedrals, the sculptures on the panel above the doors and the friezes that go around it are full of stories. The details carved out never cease to amaze me. The Chartres Cathedral was another wonder that I added to my collection. I always spend some time taking shots of these. Various statues of Kings, angels and saints are detailed with such precision in the recesses of the Royal portal! Their faces are full of expression; some had that ‘near look’ of following your movement.

The descent of Christ into the world is depicted in the tympanum of the right portal. The Virgin and Child are seated on the throne, two angels on either side. The inner arch which runs around the tympanum has angels; the outer arch has the zodiac signs Pisces and Gemini and also seven liberal arts. The bottom register shows scenes from the Life of the Virgin, including the Annunciation, the Visitation, the Nativity, and the Annunciation to the Shepherds.

The arch over the central door depicts the scene of Last Judgment. Christ is seated in the tympanum, an almond shaped structure going around him, the Book of Life in his left hand. Four Evangelist surround him.

The left portal depicts ascent of Christ. This is the widest of the three doors. Click to enlarge the picture and you will see two angels holding a cloud on which Christ is standing. You can also see 4 angels singing and apostles, 10 of them holding books and scrolls in the bottom most row.

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Chartres Cathedral Facade, France
Joan of Arc Statue, Orleans, France

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