Donate a Selfie With Good Selfie Phone

Distance is not for the fearful; it’s for the bold… for now you have a good selfie phone with which you are never alone!

Donate a Selfie to Mom

Watch this video where a daughter pines away for her mother, it is the same story in my life too only the roles are reversed. I keep missing my daughter who is away in a hostel for higher studies. Festivals come and go, my eyes keep searching for her and ears ache to hear her voice but she is no where around. I resorted to this same trick of getting selfies of her on every occasion. It is almost like pleading to daughter: donate a selfie of yours to this poor mom!

There are some definite disadvantages of other means of communication because of which selfie sharing has become a rage among all age groups.

One is that replies to little messages like ‘I miss you or missing you’ with a couple of lines no longer give that complete magical answer or consolation. Try replying with a selfie the satisfaction is instant. The person receiving it is able to connect easily with the physical form. When you see your kid’s face plastered with icing of birthday cake by her friends you know for sure she is happy with her friends. Words fail to convey the complete emotion where as selfie eliminates the struggle to find right words.

Selfie as evidence! Have you heard of that before? The other day while chatting up with a friend on our kid’s performances my friend narrated on how she used to be doubtful if her son was attending classes or bunking college. Out of sheer frustration her son started sending selfies of him sitting in class lectures with his good selfie phone. For once she admitted to her son’s smartness.

Good Selfie Phone, a Solo Traveler’s Mate

A traveler is never alone even if he or she is traveling solo. I say this because I have seen so many solo travelers smiling in the friendliest way at their good selfie phone with monuments in the background. They seemed truly happy and the happy moment framed well in the phone. Till a couple of years back I have been approached by several co travelers to take their pics. Today the chances of such an interaction are rare, even couples prefer to take selfie rather than asking others. DSLRs are a thing of past! Mobile phones are ruling and the one with a good selfie phone rules!

Good selfie phoneGood Asus Zenfones, moderately priced are available. These phones can take good front-facing shots in 13-megapixel high resolution. Battery life is great as well. You can have a look at new range here: New Zenfone Series.

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