Diwali Fire Crackers

Diwali is celebrated in different ways, for different reasons by people of India. However one thing that is common and holds the interest of young and old alike is the fire crackers. After the daylong rituals, when the old and young assemble to light the fire crackers the enthusiasm is highest, the excitement is palpable. The bravest among them take the lead to burst the bombs, while the sober ones stand back to enjoy the fire displays. There is one category who are too scared to venture out and yet another category who are out to just photograph the events, probably not wanting to show publicly that they belong to not so brave category.

Anyways my reasons are different; I want to blog, you see, and share those memorable moments in my blog. While the crackers that were let off on ground were not much of a challenge to capture, the ones that went up and burst open like an umbrella were difficult to capture. I did not take the tripod with me, all shots taken were handheld. So, almost all my shots turned with shakes. But then they look so interesting, almost like abstract art.

Yoga Narasimha Temple, Melkote
Happy Diwali!

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