Disneyland Ride

Big Thunder Mountain: How does that name sound to you? Probably you are wondering what that could be! It is one of the most thrilling and wildest rides in Paris Disneyland. Does the name sound challenging to you now?It was a lengthy queue as we approached the Big Thunder Mountain ride. I saw this as an opportunity to turn away from there. “Oh! This is going to take long, come let us see some other ride.” “Ma, we know you are scared so you want an excuse to get away from here. Don’t be so scared” my younger daughter pacified me. I was in no mood to listen to her. But my elder one joined her in cajoling me much to my husband’s amusement. Frankly these rides scare me, at the same time I didn’t want to spoil their fun. Both looked so excited and thrilled and were looking towards me with all eagerness for a ‘yes’. I didn’t have the heart to disappoint them.

I was finding it really challenging to pick the courage and go for the ride. Thoughts like ‘what if one of the wheels give away’, ‘what if I get thrown out of the seat’ haunted my mind. The train, I heard, twists and turns through caves and rivers. As the queue grew shorter and I saw no escape, I had no other option but to pray for our safety. I could hear other riders in the ride screaming with delight, “See how they are enjoying!” my daughter said. “It must be out of fear” I replied and they giggled to that. Now I must pick up courage I thought.

Finally it was our turn! I found myself fixing the seat belts mechanically and tightly held to the railings in front. Then I shut my eyes tightly and faced the challenge. I decided to remain so for the rest of the ride and open them only if I would come out of it alive. As soon as it started I could feel fresh whiff of air and hear screams, I opened my eyes and saw blue sky, for a second I felt I was soaring in the sky and then I suddenly I started losing height. The train was going downwards at neck break speed. Then there was darkness, more screams, then a spray of water and what not!!!

At last it was over! I walked out smiling, very relieved and happy! I did relish the challenge! My daughters seemed happier seeing me smile and they cheered together “You did it Ma!”


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