Dhunuchi Naach

Dhunuchi Naach, meaning dance holding hot earthen bowls emanating sweet smelling camphor and incense smoke. It is a traditional dance where devotees dance to the beats of dhaks (drums). The earthen bowls are filled with coconut husks, lots of camphor and incense sprinkled on them and finally lit. The husks burn slowly spreading out a sweet smelling smoke, which kind of intoxicates the devotees; they are soon into a gentle frenzy and start swaying to the beats of the dhaks.

I saw them dancing with one in hand, some with even two one in each hand. And the experts hold one in their mouth too. It is during moments like this I experience a lot of difficulty controlling my addiction to photography and just let my ordinary human being self sit and enjoy the moment. The way they twist their arms and sway the hot dhunuchi without spilling the hot embers out is a sight to treasure… any wrong movement can mean burning feet and face. Her blessings shield all, so I believe!

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Goddess Durga idols before immersion.
Maha Saptami

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