Dewanji Temple, Hetampur

The Chandranath Shiva temple was good find in our quest for the old terracotta temples. This part of Hetampur town was well known for 3 terracotta temples: one, the Chandranath Shiva Temple, two Dewanji Temple (I am posting on this here) and three, Gol Mandir, which does not exist any more. Thanks to a land shark there!

We walked up and down this lane in search of this Dewanji Temple. Each person we asked said it is little ahead on this lane, but somehow we weren’t able to locate it. It was hidden by tall tress, then from a certain spot we noticed the pinnacle of the temple. I was delighted at the sight. Observe the pic carefully you can see the dark brown pinnacle behind the orange-ish hut shaped temple in the left side of the picture.

The temple has hardly any breathing space; at one side just one person could pass at a time. The family to whom the temple belonged has erected houses all around it. As soon as we entered the small place many curious eyes followed our movements. My frantic photographing the structure made them curious about my purpose of visit. I explained it was purely personal interest.

The 19th century temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. It is tightly ridged Rekha type (Bengal architecture) temple. The door is in a dilapidated condition, it looked prayers and regular worships are still being done there. So many of the panel figures have worn off.

Some of them seemed perfect. There are scenes from Krishna’s life, many women in traditional dresses of those times. One particular figure caught my attention; it was of a British in an authoritative body posture. During 19th century India was under British rule. Probably this British soldier was standing there nearby while the artisan was at work and saw to it that he too was in the same façade as Lord Krishna!

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Chandranath Shiva Temple, Hetampur, West Bengal

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