Devanahalli Fort, Bangalore

Last weekend we were at Devanahalli Fort. A majestic and imposing structure, its vicinity yet to be devoured by the land sharks. This 500 year old fort gained some importance recently and all because of the international airport coming up there, the historical relevance unfortunately lies covered in dust.
Devanahalli Fort approach
A lone board stating the protected status of the monument stands there. So nothing should come up in and around 200meters of the monument, that is if all abide by the ‘Rule 32 of the Ancient Monuments and Archeological Sites and Remains, 1959’. Major part of the monument is in ruins, though some part of the structure has withstood the ravages of time.
Devanahalli Fort Bangalore 2
Devanahalli Fort 1
Devanahalli Fort Bangalore 1
History of the Fort
It was built in 1501 by Mallebyre Gowda a chieftain under the king Immadi Narasimha of Saluva dynasty. The fort was under the control of Mallebyre Gowda‘s descendants till 1749 when the Dalawayi of Mysore, Nanjarajaiah, occupied it. Later the fort was taken over by Hyder Ali. After the Mysore war it passed on to the hands of Lord Cornwallis in the year 1791.

This place is historically significant for yet another reason, may be the most important of all – Tipu Sultan was born here in 1750. Hyder Ali and Dewan Purnaiah, the Dewan of Mysore too resided here.
Devanahalli Fort arch at entrance
Devanahalli Fort designs
Devanahalli Fort entrance
Walk on the walls of Devenahalli Fort, it is sure to give you goose bumps. I was imagining how many soldiers of Tipu Sultan must have lost their lives in this place, fighting valiantly against the troops of Lord Cornwallis. That was almost two centuries back. The walls must have been stained by the blood of soldiers. There, on the walls of the fort were several holes running through the entire thickness of the wall. The soldiers must have aimed at the enemies inserting their guns and cannons through these holes. We walked through the semi circular part of the fort wall which withstood the ravages of time till now. The view around from that height is great.
Devanahalli Fort close to Bangalore
Devanahalli Fort Huge walls
Devanahalli Fort visit The thick fort wall, even the longest arm can’t reach the other side.
Devanahalli Fort Bangalore
Devanahalli Fort Tipu sultan
Devanahalli Fort walls
Devanahalli Fort walk Devanahalli Fort abruptly ends here.
Devanahalli Fort wall
Inside the lofty walls of the fort is a small town similar to that you will find in a picture book of Malgudi Days. There are many temples some very old, some not so old and some just under construction. Temples there are dedicated to Venugopalswamy, Ranganatha, Chandramouleshwara and many other Gods and Goddesses too. More about the temples in another post. 🙂
Devanahalli Fort Temples 1
The 20 acres of land inside the fort is divided and owned by many private owners. Have a look at the various sites and the site holders’ names in the Wiki Map of the Fort. Soon these land owners will fall prey to the tempting offers of reputed builders. Then all you will find inside the granite walled fort will be high rise apartments, shopping malls and multiplexes. Till then every proud Bangalorean should visit the place to pass on the heritage and legacy of the place to the future generations.
Devanahalli Fort

How to reach Devanahalli Fort

After you land at the international airport, don’t zoom off to the Bangalore city to attend meetings; instead start off in the opposite direction on Bellary road. Drive for 10 kms and you are sure to hit the fort. Those of you who are in Bangalore, take the Bellary Road, it is 45 kilometers from the city.

Update: Trip to Devanahalli Fort Part – 2.


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