Cut CO2 Emissions

Obviously it will be the poor nations that will be hit hard by the drastic climatic changes taking place all around. India too figures in the list. At the international level India has asked for concessions to not include its name in the list of nations to cut CO2 emissions. The argument put forward is that any such limitations will hamper the development of the country.

“One hundred and thirty-seven developing countries have ratified the Kyoto protocol, including Brazil, China and India, but have no obligation beyond monitoring and reporting emissions.” While the rich and developed nations are making drastic changes in their lifestyle to accommodate and aid the development of such under developed nations, Indians continue the rampant use of fossil fuels.

The Rich must Cut Co2 Emissions

Is India really justified in asking for such special consideration? A peep within will reveal the huge disparity of CO2 emissions among the various socio-economic classes of its masses.

The carbon footprint of the rich in India is excessively high. The high income category in India, just recently exposed to the electronic luxuries, account for the highest CO2 emissions. Individually each device may not be contributing much but cumulatively, the whole section put together, the CO2 emissions are alarmingly high. Add to this the emissions from the transportation facilities used by them; the two wheelers, cars and the relentless air travel. The poor farmers on the other hand, have been pushed to the brink of suicide due to dwindling natural resources like water and fertile land.

I strongly feel that if the wealthy in India, take a stand to cut down such high emissions, the poor will definitely benefit. They have to take steps to accommodate and aid the development of poor sections of the society. Once our own house is set in order, the government will not have to ask for such concessions in the international level.

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2 Responses to “Cut CO2 Emissions

  • Reducing CO2 emissions. Even wax candles are a big source of CO2, and the good old oil lamp is the better option (during power cuts for people who do not use emergency lights, inverters, generators, UPS,…!).

  • every body should do whatever is possible to cut down co2 emissions. I try to do my bit :
    use CFL lights, try to go by 2 wheeler whenever I am alone and its not raining, avoid traveling by aeroplane as much as possible, buy local produce (fruits, veggies, groceries etc ), recycle everything.

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