Crystal of Iron

What is that popping up from the horizon? Can you guess? We were fast approaching Brussels from Antwerp. Now that is a clue!

It is the Atomium, a unique building of Brussels, and for Brussels it is like what Eiffel Tower is for Paris. It represents the atomic structure of iron crystal magnified 165 times! The 102 meters tall structure has nine spheres, each 18 meters in dia and connected to each other through tubes. I read somewhere that from a particular angle it resembles a cube with a sphere in the center. I tried viewing it tilting my head this way, that way but couldn’t get that figure. May be you can try when you are there.

The Atomium was built in 1958 for the Brussels World’s Fair. It was designed by André Waterkeyn. Wonder what inspired him! Was Chemistry his favorite subject?

Visit to Atomium Brussels Belgium
Tuk-tuk, Thailand

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