Crowne Plazza

Crown Plaza, Quarto d’Altino, which is where I stayed when I toured Venice. A cosy place seated serenely in the outskirts of Venice, it was worth the money we spent on stay there. Reaching Venice from Crown Plaza is an easy feat with frequent trains from Quarto d’Altino right behind it. It takes one minute to reach the station and twenty minutes to Venice, so twenty one minutes and I was there in my dream city – Venice.

There was pick up from and drop to airport, sumptuous breakfast, large room and beds for my family of four. A very warm reception, a grand feeling still lingers in my mind. Sharing a couple of shots of Crowne Plaza, these are of the window pane in the rear of the hotel.

The Cathedral of Modena, Italy
Market Day at Piazza delle Erbe, Mantua

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