Crocodile, The King of Rivers, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

See that crocodile, The King of rivers!

The boatman kept taking us closer. This was in Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Mysore, Karnataka. The crocodile was lying still. I was not very keen and didn’t encourage the boatman, instead looked away towards the nesting birds. But he kept urging, ma’am you will get good photos. He seemed more knowledgeable about my lens 150-500 mm. I then decided to follow his advice. I could zoom in very well and for a start I focused on its claws.

Zooming in on Crocodile, the king of rivers

Interesting I thought seeing how one of its fingers (?) with sharp nail was bent against the rock. I could see each detail through the lens.

Then I focused on its eye. And OMG! I experienced FEAR. The scare I felt, a shiver went down my spine! Never before have I been so scared. Within those few seconds I focused on it I could see its stony eye, its sharp teeth, and a drop of water near the teeth. And then a thought flashed across my mind: what if the crocodile decides to jump on us. After all it is an animal and who can read its mind. In the jungle it is the King’s rule and he alone is right. My 14 year old was happily taking pics totally unaware of any kind of danger.


I stopped taking pics right then and told the boatman sternly to take us away from there. He still insisted “it won’t do anything ma’am!” I said nothing doing you are taking us back or I will have to complain. This time he listened, afraid we wouldn’t tip him in the end.

Profile of the croc by my 14 year old, Arundhati.

crocodile, The King of rivers! Profile pic of Crocodile


Here is one last shot as we rowed away. I really don’t wish to meet it again ever in my life!

Resting crocodile, The King of rivers!

Crocodile Resting on Rock, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary.



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89 Responses to “Crocodile, The King of Rivers, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

  • Am in full agreement with you Indrani ! Even I will not want to meet him again or for the first time ever …. BUt the parting shot was awesome !! AMAZING shot… each spike of his body visible against the beautiful calm background,the white blooms(?) amid dark green leaves, the natural curve looking – slithering and truly REPTILE !
    Arundhati's shot is- dangerous looking with his teeth oohhh and ewwww too 😀

  • Great shots! But I really afraid to see even meet this creature.

  • just amazing! a cold, prehistoric being! but amazing!

  • Beautiful details of this creature. I'm so used to alligators here and I've never seen one attack a boat. But I can understand the fear.

  • Wow! Awesome captures and marvelous detail on the croc! The last picture itself terrific and similar to a scene from Hollywood crocodile movie… Getting closer may excite, but it’s quite danger at receiving end. Wish the authorities advice the boatmen to take people not close to such wild animals.

  • Fantastic captures, but it would be scary to be so close! The detail you've captured is indeed awesome, Indrani!!

  • Whoa! What a majestic and scary animal!
    You've managed to capture great shots.

  • Fabulous looking creature and you got some wonderful shot. I do understand your concern, especially having your child with you. I'll bet it was a mix of fascination and trepidation.

  • I'm scared of them. But you took great photos showing the texture of its skin. Well done.

  • What an amazing shot. You did not miss to capture his sweet eye. I like it.

  • Very good captures…awesome..felt wonder of the nature evolving every creature in its own comfortable way..!

  • That croc looks huge! We were in an alligator farm on Saturday (here in Colorado of all places).

  • Amazing captures of Scary croc 🙂

  • Wow – fantastic shots!

  • Nice! Yes, usually they don't do any harm to humans!

  • these guys are real kings of the area they dominate.. nice shots…

  • Lovely Clicks I Like Crocodiles they are bit scary but still I like them. A G+ for ur Post and have a nice day. . . 🙂

  • Indeed dreadful shots but a lifetime memory.I could feel your motherly concern. Par kehte hain na ki Darr ke aage jeet hai 🙂

  • awesome clicks with so much details. for once, i am not scared to look at these creatures 🙂

  • awesome clicks with great details. for once, i am not scared to look at this creature 🙂

  • Hats Off to you to click these beautiful pictures

  • I have always found crocodiles beautiful, they have survived through the ages, The way they deceive, pretend to be a log, Though I would love to stare at them from a safe distance 🙂

  • The zoomed in pics are amazing. Good to see your daughter's picture too!

  • Wow! That's all I can say after seeing these pictures. Really WOW!

  • Majestic indeed!
    I can imagine your plight. Anyway you got some good pics, eh. 🙂

    I'd been to this bird sanctuary a long time ago. I'd really like to see it again.

  • Oh, yes! Those are commendable shots. But as I read this there is a 'breaking news' on the TV splashing away pictures of an adventurous man mauled to death by a white tiger in New Delhi Zoo. Take care, next time!

  • This is a big one. Crocs usually do not pounce on the boat. Once they see prey in water they move in to attache under wanter. Still a scary beast. Good picture.

  • Lovely description of this miniature prehistoric creature. The pics make you just admire God's beauty in creation and at the same time commands a sense of fear.

  • Oh yes, the crocs at Ranganatittu are really formidable. But I always get so excited on spotting them 🙂

  • the excellent photography and very cool brain. Your daughter is not at all nervous. Kudos to parents.

  • Gosh Indrani!
    Pretty close for comfort 🙂
    Reminded me of the Hindi movie- Khoon Bhari Maang.
    Remember- they push Rekha in to the crocodile-rich river?

  • Thanks friends for the comments.
    Thanks Umashankar for the caution. 🙂

    Ha ha Anita, I do remember that film. 🙂

  • Amazing, crystal-clear photography!

  • Those are some really intense pictures, rightly mentioned, that croc did really have a very cold and stony eyes! Loved the write-up as well..(This is my first visit to your blog and its going to list of blogs I follow)

  • Incredible cliks Indrani…. This is really brave.

  • Wow…incredible and scary!

  • Spikey Croc, lovely images.

  • Wow; it knows you can zoom up and have a good captures♪ Scary but wonderful pictures.

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  • Beautiful yet scary shots! I'm scared of him too! I would think twice or thrice or infinite times before having a boat ride!

  • congrats on your POTW!

  • Thanks for the comments friends. 🙂
    Thanks TexWisGirl for letting me know. 🙂

  • Amazing photos! I would have been fearful also. They can move so fast and unexpectedly. Congratulations on being picked for the POTW.

  • Fantastic shots of the crocodile.

  • These are awesome shots of that dangerous animal! My hands would have been shaking from fear too much to get a good photo.
    I think everyone should experience such visceral fear at least once in a lifetime. Too many Westerners have never been in a physically dangerous situation that induces fear.

  • Now he is a big fellow and great shots of him. Have a good weekend.

  • Fantastic shots! Quite the crocidile!

    Happy day to you ~ artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  • Great shots, but they're scary critters.

  • Great photos and wonderful details, such large crocs have something prehistoric.

  • Oh my, it does look rather large.. I do love that toothy grin shot.. Cool captures of your crocodile..Thank you for linking up, enjoy your weekend!

  • It's absolutely beautiful! Great shots! But I would have been nervous too!

  • Wonderful shots, but I think I'd have been backing away in a hurry!

  • I hope you have a really, REALLY long lens. :))

  • Very dramatic narration, Indrani!

  • Fantastic shots. And that last one with the deceptively calm creature against an equally calm background. Salute

  • How cool! I’m actually kind of hoping to see one in person soon! Hopefully it’ll be from a safe distance haha

  • I always found crocodiles creepy and scary! I have no clue how you stood there clicking these pics!

  • I get shiver by the thought of boating in a lake inhabited by crocodiles, what if they suddenly jump on the boat. Loved your close capture of the claws and eyes of the beast.

  • Wow this would be an intriguing yet terrifying experience! Not sure how I’d feel getting up close and personal with these creatures

  • Boy are you brave to see the crocs! Hubby is from Australia and all I hear about are the crocs on the beaches. Those guys looked terrifying!

  • blair villanueva
    1 year ago

    I remember my conversation with my friends about how to maximize one of our islands here in the Philippines. One of my friends suggested to build a prison building to one of the secluded Island and have huge crocodiles be the guards around the water… its silly, but If possible, why not! Having these huge crocs are scary 😅

  • Oh, wow, being so close to a crocodile sounds fascinating! I’ve always been enthralled by them. If you think about it, they’ve been surviving everything for the longest time, and they are the closest we can get to actual dinosaur age fauna.

  • What an experience to be so close to a crocodile. You took amazing photos. I don’t blame you for wanting to turn back!

  • It must have been a fascinating experience even if it sounds sooo scary! The photos are stunning, it was worth it!

  • That is a really big crocodile! I would probably be scared too if I was too close to it. Your photos are very good through, you managed to capture really good details of the crocodile.

  • Wow the eyes even gave me goosebumps! Nature can be so intimidating, especially when seeing such creatures in their own environment. Your pictures capture details so well.

  • What a great collection of photographs!
    Crocodiles scare me so much, you are so brave. and so is your 14-year old! Thank you for the post; it made for a lovely read.

  • Oh my goodness, it looks like you did get so close to the crocodile! I wouldn’t even dare get that close. I would be quite nervous too, and like you, would check out the nesting birds instead. Your captures are incredible – so fascinating to see a crocodile so up close and personal.

  • I haven’t seen a croc in my entire life, even there are some here in my country. Loved the first two photos. The scale looked intricate and fascinating.

  • OMG! That’s scary. I haven’t been like, that close to Crocodile but just reading your blog post, I can already feel my fear of that scary creature.

  • Thats a huge croc! Incredible captures 😀

  • you captured such amazingly pictures of the Crocodiles.They do look rather scary. In South Africa people actually eat crocodiles lol but not me. Apparently it tastes like chicken

  • oooh I know that one…the boat man really takes you close in Ranganthithu. I almost lost sight of the migratory birds with the fear of these crocs. But I should try it now. I guess after the Komodo, they may seem fine 🙂

  • Really good photography and nice close ups! crocks are kind of scary would hate to come across one in the wild

  • OMG that is a really big one you got there. Nice close up shots.

  • Oh the things we do for a good shot, right!? Great photos, but I’m glad you had an experienced guide with you. Too many people are not smart enough to remember the power and strength of such animals

  • Good call! I think you got close enough to that crocodile and you were right to move back after the amazing photos. They can move fast and especially with children on board, no need to take any extra risks. Those teeth are really sharp (and white??).

  • Totally awesome and cool! But scary, most definitely. I’m not as brave as you, that’s for sure. I may not be able to take even a single photo.

  • They are such an incredible and prehistoric looking animal. We have a lot of them in northern Australia and I have to admit they give me the chills.

  • These photographs are so aesthetically pleasing to my eyes also I think that you have more guts than most of the people in this world/universe HOW DID YOU GET SO CLOSE WITHOUT WETTING YOUR PANTS. I wouldn’t dare to be even in that place, let a lone less than a meter away.

  • Gosh ! Pretty close for comfort for me.
    Reminded me of that Hindi movie … Khoon Bhari Maang. Have you seen that? 🙂

  • I would love to say that you are so brave. I laughed at the part where the boatman would like to come closer to get nice photos but because you feel scared you don’t want. Who doesn’t feel scared? It’s crocodile. I feel you. If I was there the word “you’re crazy: would run repeatedly on my head. HAHAHA! But, there you go. You got amazing photos!

  • Love your photos! Although they are scary crocodiles are seriously impressive and really beautiful creatures once you’re able to see them up and close (through pictures)

  • A king who cries at first hard situation? lol … really strange creature that i have never see on front of me

  • You took nice shots 🙂 How were you taken near the crocodile? Truly, our first instinct is to run away from danger. I guess for me I’ll ask the boat man if it just ate since if it did, I won’t have anything to fear. It’s amusing to know that the crocodile is already 14 years old.

  • Yikes. He’s enormous! They are magnificent creatures but they send shivers down my spine; there is something about the way they look at you. Dead behind the eyes I always think!

  • Great shots by your 14 years old. And I have to agree, that crocodile seems huge, I felt a tinge of fear looking at the closeup snaps. I am glad you told the boatman to take you out of the danger zone

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