Coxcomb Flowers

Have you seen flowers that look like colorful brains? Some say they look like convoluted brains and some even find it resembling rooster’s comb. Also known as woolflowers, they have many medicinal properties. They bloom in a variety of colors like vibrant yellows, pinks, reds and gold colors. Strangely Cockscomb has no fragrance.When I was small I used to be dead scared of these flowers. I could never think of smelling them or feeling them. I always imagined them to be living things which would start crawling any moment. Now when I run my fingers and get the velvety feel I laugh at my silly childhood fears.

These shots were taken at a flower show in Lal Bagh, Bangalore. Each flower was so huge, may be almost the size of human brain. Here is a macro shot of red coxcomb.


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