Cork Souvenir Products Made in Portugal

The range of cork souvenir products made in Portugal is amazing! I was very fascinated with corks during my childhood days. They were used to seal some bottles and I used to collect them for some science experiments but ended up making little boats with them. I always wondered then what kind of a tree would have such light bark!

Cork souvenir products made in Portugal

Fast forward life and I got the opportunity to visit land of cork trees! Evora in Portugal was like that. This time my younger daughter recollected her science notes on cork. “Sound and heat insulators, they also absorb pressure and shocks. There is no other natural material which combines the same characteristics as cork does.” She was awe struck that cork could be made into various useful products.

cork souvenir products made in Portugal Cork_products_1Cork_products_2The world uses cork for wine bottle stoppers, the student community uses cork for science experiments, but here in Evora every useful product that can be imagined was made of cork. And for the rest of the travel I kept seeing cork souvenir products made in Portugal. From tiniest of purse to human size jacket, you name it you will find it made of cork. A huge hand bag; my daughter and me, we took turns in picking it up to see how light it weighed!

Cork_products_4Cork Cultivation

Unique feature of harvesting oak is the process of extracting the bark. It is not fully mechanized and lot of human labor is required. Wiki mentions: Usually five people are required to harvest the tree’s bark, using a small axe. The process requires training due to the skill required to harvest bark without harming the tree. The European cork industry produces 300,000 tonnes of cork a year, with a value of €1.5 billion and employing 30,000 people. Wine corks represent 15% of usage by weight but 66% of revenues.

cork souvenir products made in Portugal Cork_products_3cork souvenir products made in Portugal Cork_products_5Don’t miss out on a souvenir made of cork if you ever land in Portugal!

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  • Very informative

  • some pretty neat garments and wares!

  • Wow, who knew cork could be worked into so many beautiful things!
    I too was in awe when I first saw cork trees in Portugal.

  • It looks fabulous, love it Indrani.

  • This is a great post! I never would have guesses cork could be so versatile!

  • It is interesting to see all the items made of cork! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your new week!

  • sylviakirk
    2 years ago

    I agree with the others — this is amazing!! I would never have guessed cork could be so versatile either!! Terrific capture for the day — any day!! Hope your weekend is going well!!

  • Incrível, nunca imaginei que bolsas e roupas pudessem ser confeccionada em cortiça.

    Boa semana, cheia de alegrias.

  • A very different and informative post.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • All these are made from cork? Wow. Interesting. I never knew that. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  • So many things made out of cork …OMG…I thought it was only used as bottle stopper 🙂 Loved that gown

  • Very interesting!



  • vatsala mallya
    2 years ago

    Wow it is very interesting and informative post about cork.I knew it as only a bottle stopper. Your smarty(daughter) knows many charachtiristics of it ! Wow.

  • Highly informative post. Seems quite interesting! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • wow… this is simply superb! You know In, I got a bag full of corks in the US to use as decoration material… to be kept on the center table bowls etc.. 🙂 it looks really nice

  • This is 1st time seeing those products made from cork thanks for sharing this..

  • A friend just introduced me to the wonders of cork. I will send a link to your post to her as I know she’ll enjoy it.

  • An interesting post on corks. Thanks for sharing.:)

  • Nice to read, Thanks for your informative post.

  • This looks really interesting ..

  • Rakesh Pandey
    2 years ago

    All these are corks? Wow! Never knew that! That was truly very informative, Indrani! Great article!

  • Is it so? I never imagined that such other beautiful things can be result of corks 😉

  • Wow! I never know so many things could be made out of cork. So fascinating!
    If I go to Portugal, these souvenirs are coming back. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow had no clue that cork could be used for so many things… eye opening!

  • It is informative and educating note on cork. As I find from your write up the removal or cutting of CORK require artistic usage of a small axe and expertise without harming tree a specialised workmanship and skill.

  • Fab! This is news to me, had no idea about this 🙂
    Good post Indrani!

  • Never thought cork would lend itself to making purses, for example! Thanks for the lesson!

  • That’s real exquisite

  • Awesome use of cork and the gown made of cork is gorgeous! Interesting to know the cork industry how they cultivate barks with harming trees.

  • i remember we also made quite a lot of things at school out of cork. Interesting post !

  • To the max. I knew about cork-floor, but this is massive and intricate work done on it. The attire looks gorgeous and the bags look luxe. So good!

  • wow ya! Never saw cork this way! Its awesome.

  • Very surprising–unique uses of cork.Portugal seems worth a visit from what i have read on your posts,

  • Not only your daughter was awe struck even we are when we came to know through your post that cork could be made into various useful products.Planning to buy some souvenirs made of cork when we plan here.Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  • I would never have guessed those bags were made of cork – very cool!

  • This is very interesting and informative post. That cork dress is lovely 🙂

  • So cool.
    Nice to know about and see pictures of cork in forms other than the bottle stopper and the cork boards. I’m impressed.
    Thank you so much for the info on the harvesting of bark too. Interesting!

  • Wow! Never knew the cork I knew can be used to make a wide range of gift items. This is so good to read. I can imagine myself with a bag made of cork. Many would sure be surprised like I am.

  • This is very interesting, besides the soles of wedge sandals, I never knew actual coats, hats and tops could be made out of cork. I wonder how it actually feels, I’d love to try some of these garments on.

  • Very interesting post! So many beautiful things made of cork looks like a great idea. I would love to buy them! I never knew cork can be used in a variety of ways. I thought it is only used to seal bottles. Great to know the process of extracting cork without harming the tree.

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