Consumers Demand, Apps Deliver

PK(alien, a character in a Bollywood movie) did the mistake of traveling several light years and landing on Earth without familiarizing himself with the ways of life here! Had he updated himself with apps which would have had info regarding language, currency, cultural facts he wouldn’t have had to face the hardships shown in the movie!


In the past one year the habit of apps has crept into our lives and integrated very well with our daily requirements. Travel apps specifically have eased our travel worries to a huge extent almost making these apps indispensable. There are apps for Android, iPhones, and iPads. While the apps for planning and booking are most common, market has thrown several other apps which take care of navigating, exploring, communicating and documenting. These apps help keep everything in control and help get organized vacations. The latest apps launched have configured the latest trends with sufficient additional enhancements. A friend of mine was taking his old parents on a world tour; naturally he was worried about their medications. His main concern was if he would remember to give medicines on time during the tour. I suggested the apps: Prescription Medicine Reminder. It is a free one for iPhones. He was so happy. It is another thing that he thanked the apps maker and not me.

Smartphone usage is limited not just to flight or stay info, people use it to browse duty free stuffs, order a drink and there is more… there are apps for packing tips, makeup tips. I was amazed how the apps: Packing Pro can help you pack stilettos with inflatable beach ball. All one needs to do is give inputs regarding destination and duration of stay and it will offer range of options what to take and what not to take: Passports, currencies, clothes, accessories, gadgets, no more worries of forgetting toothbrushes. Apps are not limited to traveling alone; they are widely sought after by people from all walks of life.

People, young or old, are checking out latest fashions. Sharma aunty next door is virtually checking out the XL dresses on herself before placing her order. My figure conscious cousin checks the calorie count before placing order. And I am personally checking out the Sunscreen apps. What with all those frequent trips to Goa, and its irresistible beaches! Ideal for all beauty conscious citizens of the world! Feed your destination, the apps works out the UVI rating of the climate at the location. Feed in your skin type and the SPF rating suited to you, the apps will keep alerting you when you are due for your next coat of sunscreen cream. How cool is that!

The only glitch I see is that most apps are developed for Android, iPhones, and iPads. Clearly there is need in the market for apps independent of the type of OS. And that is why I am not surprised that online giant website Myntra is shifting its business to mobile apps world! Myntradotcom is an Indian e-commerce company of fashion and casual lifestyle products, headquartered in Bangalore. With 160,000+ Styles and 1,000+ Brands, they have the largest collection of the latest fashion and lifestyle products in India! But Myntra is today changing tracks to a more fruitful venture and go completely mobile. I can foresee success for them!


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