Colva Beach, Goa

When the beautiful big blue sky is enveloped by a thick grey blanket of clouds what would you do? I simply stood and photographed. No point in wishing the sky was clearer. After all it is going to rain! That day along with sky the sea too decided to wear a grey look. Grey waves! That is another aspect of beauty that Mother Earth exhibits. One must have the time to stand and stare.

At a distance I saw a woman carry the garbage of the beach away on her head! Why do beach lovers burden her so?

SkyWatch Friday.

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  • oh, my! the garbage really brings reality home.

  • Your photo makes us smell the surf?

  • Great, moody, gray skies, but I do agree with Tex!! And it is sad to see such wonderful places as this covered in waste/garbage!! Hope you have a great weekend, Indrani!!

  • The waves are beautiful, but the large amount of garbage on the beach is terrible to see.

  • Great shots. I only wish the visitors to the beach themselves have kept it clean.

  • oh wow, there is bunches of garbage lying there. how sad people can pack it in but they can't pack it out.

  • I truly wish someday I'll find myself walking up and down the beach in Goa. It's one of the places on my wish list.

  • Sometimes storms can give a better sky than sunshine!

    I wonder how much of the rubbish has been washed on to the beach, rather than dropped there?

    Sorry for the delay in replying, I have been in the UK for a month and I let blogging take a back seat for that time!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne

  • Sure you enjoyed the Monsoon

  • Cold looking sea though no doubt is warm.

  • The ocean waves can be awesome at the time of a storm. It is sad so many people leave their trash behind.. Have a happy weekend!

  • nice capture,we need to learn to keep the world around us clean.

  • Wow, what a contrast of the BEAUTIFUL ocean with wave and the garbage. Yes, I DO wish the people will be more conscious about lean beach, too.

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  • Two wonderful photos! There is a lot of beauty in that grey sky and surf. It reminds me of a favorite quote by Aristotle, "In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous." The photo of the lady is very striking, and then reading that she had a basket full of trash carried on her head. I hope her burden will become lighter.

  • Beautiful shots. I don't understand people that litter.

  • My opinion for what it is worth, that second image could be published in a textbook. It has the person, she is in action and from a different country. The color and the composition is great. I would try sending off to publishers and see what happens.

    Interesting blog posts.
    JM, Illinois

  • I really like your photo of those waves under that gray sky. I agree with you about beach lovers and litter. I'm always amazed at the litter we find on the beach when we visit.

  • Still beautiful in spite of the overcast sky!

    I hate seeing so much trash on the beach. Sadly, people do the same here, although (perhaps) not quite as much.

  • love your waves and sky.

  • Beaches are fun!
    Glad Mother Earth has gifted these, Indrani 🙂

  • I have often wondered why Indians think of their country as a huge garbage tank or spittoon or even a sprawling toilet. The litter on the beach is a tragic sight.

  • wow..beautiful waves… but isn't it high time learnt to respect mother nature and stop littering her beautiful gifts to us?

  • One of my favorite places……will plan to go ASAP!! Thanks indrani!!!

  • I have been there.. ur pic makes me miss it so badly 🙁

  • We never think twice before throwing plastic packets anywhere around…

    BT , nice photos as usual Indrani… expecting more to come.. 🙂

  • Very beautiful. But it makes me think about how we trouble people like the woman in the pic with our brainless behavior.

  • Wow! The grey has its own beauty!!

  • harsh reality 🙁

  • the first shot is awesome!!!!

    and then the reality of garbage in our beaches hits!!!

  • beautiful shots!

  • Lady with a basket is a great shot…but it's sad to know it isn't fish she is carrying as I had thought at the first glance

  • True! Every season and weather has its own beauty. Lovely captures

  • Wonderful shots Indrani… Sea never keeps any dirt in it and saddest part is that so called human beings also don't keep any dirt with them, they just throw it everywhere (and make everything else dirty)!

  • A shot that has so much stories and life to it. I can see the wind blowing….The garbage is slaying my heart though…

  • We people need to make a change, its such a beautiful place, we need to keep it clean.

  • My uncle has a guest house near this place. So I have been there numerous times. We always have our family reunions there. During these family trips, Colva beach is our usual hang out location. There are so many memories attached to this Colva. Thank you for sharing this post, I enjoyed reading it.

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