Colosseum, Rome

COLOSSEUM!!! My head was spinning, when I was inside the arena. I always thought the word ‘huge’ has limits, but this hugeness surpassed that imagination of mine. The walls crumbling all around and the shocking contrast was that, new paths in the base of arena were being discovered by the archeologists. The seating arrangement for 60,000 spectators, the innumerable exits/entrances for them, I wondered what it would have looked like in it’s hey days; difficult to imagine.

The grey-black exteriors, the worn down and broken pillars and arches, I looked on with wonder at these parts that survived earthquakes, war, theft and neglect; that is only a third of the original Colosseum. They stand mutely yet speak volumes of the glory of the mighty Roman Empire. The physics that went in to the construction of this great center for entertainment is definitely a model for modern sports complexes. Three hours passed off in minutes.

I took many shots, presenting a few of them here which I feel will describe the arena from main view points.

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  • Wondrful pictures Indrani

    Greetings, Joop

  • Oh, another place I have wanted so much to visit!! It's magnificence, it's history I find totally fascinating and amazing! I love your photos and your text as together they always give us such a marvelous look into a world not many of us have had or will have the opportunity to visit! Thank you as always, Indrani! Have a lovely week!


  • Lovely photos!I've been there once to see it myself.. 🙂

    Happy New Year to you, if I haven't wished you earlier..! 🙂

  • Great shots! THat is a place I have always wanted to visit.

  • I visited Rome a few times and each time I put my foot on the steps of the colosseum I get chills thinking that Caesar may have walked exactly where I stepped. Great post!

  • You took some great shots. I like how you showed details as well as full views.

  • I hope I could step into this historical monument one day..! Thanks for the lovely photos..!

  • It is difficult to describe how it feels to see the Coliseum for the first time. It transported me to a different time like no other historical monument. Power, cruelty and entertainment for the masses. For a second I thought the ghosts of people who watched and fought there were in the ancient halls and walls. Your photos do a good job of showing the magnitude of the structure.

  • Wow very fantastic building. The ancient builders were talented and creative in building the coliseum.

  • Your words take me straight into the heart of these great pictures.

  • How wonderful to visit the Colosseum! It's almost hard to believe that such a gigantic structure was built so long ago. Your pictures are great and you did a marvelous job of describing the majesty of the place.

  • I've always marveled at the structure but I never realized that it could hold 60,000 people. You were walking where people have been for two thousand years or more. Amazing.

  • A fascinating place, Indrani, and lovely photos.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  • Amazing to think that this magnificent structure is still standing today. Wonderful photos!

  • Your photos have brought out the greatness of the place.

  • Its a dreabe there. can imagine Spartacus and so many heros battling ouut there. GOOD SHOTS

  • so envious you got to see the inside and take pictures.

  • Beauiful pics, Indrani! loved the last two especially!

  • Wonderful shots of structure.

  • the Colosseum is awesome. looking at your pictures bring back fond memories.

  • Great pictures! I was there many years ago. Fingers crossed, I hope to revisit.

  • Great pics! You really captured it well! Amazing structure!!

  • Brilliant captures, brings the place alive…..but memories of the gory games played there once ,left a bad taste in the mouth, no ?….did you get photographed with dressed up "gladiators ?" 🙂

  • If walls could speak…I always think of the gladiators fighting their last battle or the Christians who had to face the lions. Did you see the movie "Spartacus?" The Colosseum is very impressive! Your photos shows the enormous capacity it had to accomodate so many people.Great post, Indrani!

  • What a fabulous structure this is/was. Fascinating shots, Indrani!

  • Wonderful post!!!

  • You show it as we have never seen it before. Bravo!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


  • Amazing pics! Really worth enlarging. Wish I could visit there!


  • Wonderful views of the Colosseum! Thanks for sharing, Indrani!

  • I heard they had stables under the arena. Amazing for a structure planned in ancient times. What methods did they use for their architectural planning?

  • Very impressive indeed – so is the center stage a underground place with a false roofing that is now removed?

  • wow!!!….a brilliant structure….i just visited temple of isis – philae in blogtrotter's blog and now this in yours!!!
    im truely amazed by man's ingenuity and imagination!!

  • no matter what angle it may be,
    Colosseum is by far, the most stupendous structure. ^0^
    thanks for taking us there.

  • Simply brilliant! This is on my to visit list. Your pictures are fabulous. I can hear the roar in the stands by just looking at the photograph.

  • Very well captured Indrani Wow!!
    I saw it also real
    its not easy to make shots there
    but you did it …………… LOL


    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

    Anya ♥

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