Cologne Cathedral Interiors

Walking in to this cathedral, Cologne Cathedral, with such tall spires I did expect to see huge interiors, yet I was stunned, the infinite space and light in the interiors surpassed all my imagination. I was looking at the ceiling 130ft up above my head, moving around in this huge complex and trying to avoid bumping in to fellow tourists was an experience by itself. Everybody seemed to be concentrating on getting that right angle and the right framing of images within.

The structure built with an estimated 200,000 tons of raw materials, all without the benefit of computers, sophisticated machinery or cranes, stands strong even today having survived 14 hits during WWII. This mighty and silent Gothic structure absorbs in prayers and dreams of millions of tourists every year. It takes around €8 million for the maintenance and upkeep of this cathedral.

The most delicate works of the cathedral the stain glass paintings were removed and kept safely during the WWII. The 19th century glass painters used as many as 40 glass pigments and the result is the energetic luminescence of the huge windows.

Medieval statue of Saint Christopher, Patron of Travelers

I consider myself lucky to have visited and prayed in this great monument.


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Cologne Cathedral, Germany

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