Cologne Cathedral, Germany

From Frankfurt to Cologne, we went all the way to see the Cologne Cathedral: a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As we entered the city the first thing we got see were the two steeples of this massive Cathedral. This is the second tallest church I had read; standing at its base it was impossible to capture the entire façade in my 18-55 mm lens.

The two main steeples seemed to stretch out and reach the sky. The cathedral also called the ‘Cathedral of Blessed Virgin and St. Peter’ escaped the WWII bombings. Good! Otherwise the 600+ years that went in the construction of this great monument would have gone waste and the monument would have been reduced to dust in seconds.

Pollution, wind, rain and snow is eating away its exteriors, the façade has a dark gray color and while we were there a section of the façade was under repairs. The doors and the work on the arches over them seemed impossibly beautiful and fine. And this was only the exteriors!

Cologne Cathedral Interiors
Bratislava Castle, Slovakia

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