Cleartrip App, a Review

Travel Apps today have solved many problems of travelers in one go! The mine of information and ease of finalizing travel deals has made travel apps inseparable part of planning phase of travel. One such app is Cleartrip App and here is my review on it.

Installing Cleartrip App

If you are apprehensive of not being very apps savvy, I assure you, have NO fears. The download is free and with few simple steps you can master the art of booking through your smartphone. Keep the travel agents who fleece you, away from your life!

Simply google search Cleartrip App download, the first link takes you there. I got it in google store since I use android. For IOS user find it in app store. It was easy and fast with Wi-Fi (I have not tried with 3G connection.) I used my mail account, the process was simple. You can register even through your facebook account. Once downloaded and the apps nestled cosily in your mobile use it plan your travels and see how convenient it is!


Options on Interface

The various options for planning a trip that appear sequentially are:

Flights, hotels, activities, weekend getaways, trains, buses and ‘offers & deals’.

The next section helps you store and organize all info that you will use or have used, like your Trips, Plans, Wallet, Expressway & Settings’.


I don’t have immediate plans of travel now, but just to get hang of the apps tried out the flights option. After you feed in to and from locations, dates and traveler details, all the flight details appear with info of duration of flight and cost. Any error in feeding details the apps gives out the message. For example I fed in Shimoga as destination: the screen showed: Sorry, no airports found, try again.

I did not proceed till the payment options but from what I have read in other reviews this too is simple and quick with options of payment through credit/debit, Net banking and wallets.

Any kind of deals or offers from airlines too is flashed on the screen. You also get to know of the cash back offers on the different international flights. I don’t remember seeing any such offer before when I have booked on international airlines. Need to avail this if I make any future international booking I made a mental note.

flights cleartrip


Coming to hotels; there is plenty of choice for hotels which all of us give importance while planning a holiday. The hotels are categorized as featured, rating, savings and price. These categories help to narrow down the choices easily.

To finalize a hotel/resort the apps helps you explore all facilities about resort. The info of the hotels are categorized as overview, photos, details, reviews and location (shows the detailed google map.) I am impressed by the tripadvisor reviews shown on each hotel.

hotel cleartrip


Theme parks, hot air balloon ride, microlight flying, pubs, brews, poker so on… almost all available facility with details till the minutest level is shown. I was amazed at the quantum of info this option threw up for me.

Activities cleartrip

Weekend Getaways

You get the various sightseeing places around Bangalore, the cities, temple towns and more. Very well segregated and presented. Navigation is easy and doesn’t take much time.

Getaways Cleartrip

Train Booking

It has been long since I have traveled by train. The features in this tempted me to do a booking for a dream journey. The only prerequisite here is to link your Cleartrip account to IRCTC account when you make ticket. This is a must from Railway India to keep record of tickets. All related info for booking like prices of tier you selected, the distance, time and hours are available. You can sort by price, distance and time.


You wish to travel by bus; this too is made easy by ClearTrip Apps.

trains and Bus Cleartrip

Other Settings

There is support and feedback links for you to interact in times of need.

The features available have excited me. I am looking forward to make some real bookings using this app. This review of Cleartrip Apps was done on invite from Blogadda.


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