Chinkara, the Indian Gazelle in Desert National Park

We traveled across the vast Desert National Park, while on our way to Jaisalmer from Mt. Abu via Barmer. This wild life sanctuary is home to Blackbucks, Chinkaras, Desert foxes, Bengal Foxes, Indian Wolves, Desert Cats, Hares, etc. The endangered Indian bustard is the major attraction of Desert National Park and I was hoping to spot at least one.

My eyes were scanning the vast desert stretches to spot at least one of the breeds. At one place I thought I saw some of deer and asked the driver to halt. The driver almost instantly screeched to a halt frightening the poor animals away. And I just got this one shot. They seemed to be Chinkara, Indian Gazelle.

So we learned our first lesson: halt gently. Another 50kms of drive and we spotted another small group of Chinkaras. They could sense us even from that long distance and were alert. Constantly wagging their tails, the nervous Chinkaras were frequently glancing at me to assess what I was up to. I clicked and clicked till they walked out of sight.


Three handsome Chinkaras
stood gazing at me,
one got bored
and walked out of sight.


Two handsome Chinkaras
stood gazing at me,
one got scared
and walked out of sight.


One handsome Chinkara
stood gazing at me.
He said: come on shoot
I know it is just a lens!
Infancy in Animals, Mysore Zoo
Aero India 2009, Bangalore

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