‘Sevvai Perum Thiruvizha’ Festival of Chettinad

During my visit to Chettinad in Tamil Nadu I witnessed their ‘Sevvai Perum Thiruvizha (Tuesday big fair)’ festival. This Chettinad Festival is so different! Big sized terracotta models of horses and cows, freshly painted and decorated with flowers were lined up and worshiped.

Cows are worshiped, that is understandable because they are considered holy! But I witnessed horses being worshiped for the first time. Which other state of India worships horses? Do you know any?

Chettinad Festival
Chettinad Festival 2

Legends of Sevvai Perum Thiruvizha Festival

There is an interesting story to that:
The horses are believed to belong to two Gods Ponnan and Karuppar. These two Gods belonged to a village 25 km from Moolangudi, village in the Pudukottai district near Ponnamaravathi.
Once a girl of Moolangudi got married to a boy of that village. When Moolangudi people went to that village after the marriage, they slept in the temple of Ponnan. That night Ponnan came in their dream and asked them to take Him along with them. The villagers told him that taking a God from the boy’s place would lead to trouble. But when both Gods assured that they would make Moolangudi prosperous they agreed.
Karuppar and Ponnan kept their promise and Moolangudi became a very prosperous village. Two of their horses (statues) are always kept in readiness so that they can start to do any job at any time. People believe that daily night they go to their native village riding on these horses.

A big fair was on in the temple grounds with lots of lighting and decorations. Like everywhere else in India this festival too is celebrated with lots of music and mela (fair). Lot of stuffs was on sale, I found these handmade idols and statues interesting.


You can read the story here: Poy cholla meyyar Bhadra kali of Moolangudi

Travel Tips:

  • This is a 10 days long festival. Plan your visit from last Tuesday of Chaitra month in Lunar calendar (April-May) till the First week of Vaishakha month (May-June).
  • Dress modestly.
  • Use discretion and ask permission before taking pictures.
  • Ideal opportunity to practice responsible tourism, buy freshly made local products.



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