Visit to Chapel of Bones in Evora Portugal

In today’s post I am taking you on a virtual eerie tour! This is Chapel of bones in Evora! This is definitely a must visit spot for all of you who are brave during your visit to Evora, Portugal. We visited this after our tour of Cathedral of Evora.

History of Chapel of bones in Evora

The chapel of bones was built between the years 1460 to 1510 in Gothic style. The idea of such an eerie construction was conceived by few Franciscan monks. In the 16th century Evora was expanding, but there were around 43 cemeteries which were taking up valuable land. To allow expansion and at the same time not intending to condemn the souls buried in these cemeteries they moved all the bones into a single chapel. In the process they tried to convey the inevitability of death!

Chapel of Bones 1
Chapel of Bones 2

Interiors of Chapel of Bones

As you walk in to the Chapel of Bonesin Evora, the grandeur and opulence stuns you! The rows of skeletons or skull aren’t very prominent, yet they seem to stare back at you. As my eyes scanned through details, I found whole walls stuffed with bones and skulls, from roof to bottom. There are decorations too, in the form of arches, all made with human bones! The number of skeletons is estimated to be 5000!

Chapel of Bones 3
Chapel of Bones 5

These are bones of humans, of people from all walks of life who lived in Evora then! The feeling was slightly disturbing! After all the rhyme on the arch to the entrance read “Our bones that are here wait for yours!”

Another strange story associated with this chapel of bones is that:

When this cathedral was nearing completion, people of Evora were dying to get into the Chapel, otherwise their bones may end up in a cemetery instead of being on display.

Chapel of Bones 4

Chapel of Bones in Evora

The white box has bones of the monks who made this chapel.

The bones of the monks who made this chapel are not on display. They are kept in a small white coffin. Notice the box in middle left of the picture above.

Timings of Chapel of Bones in Evora:

June to August – Monday to Saturday – 9.00 to 12.50 and 14.30 to 17.45
September to May – until 17.15
Sundays – opens at 10.

Tickets to Chapel of Bones

2euros, additional 1euro for camera.

You are brave if you have scrolled down so far to see the open timings and tickets. So here is an well treated image for you!
Chapel of Bones 7


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